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At Softgrid Computers, we offer to you a one-stop solution for all your Cloud Computing needs. We understand that one size does not fit all and this is why our AWS developers will first thoroughly analyze your business needs and then align the AWS server line accordingly for you. Irrelevant of the complexity of your business we have the experience and capability to deliver. See your software solutions go global and accessible with our AWS solutions and reap the benefits of the Cloud environment.

AWS developments services that we offer

Renovate your IT infrastructure completely with our AWS Cloud Services.

AWS Consulting

Cloud is the future of innovation and agility. We at Softgrid Computers work with your business to understand what your requirements and objectives are and then use the AWS platform to let you achieve your business goals. We have developed, designed, and implemented the Cloud solution for our enterprise customers across various industries.

AWS Cloud Security

Cloud security is vital and it is as important as data security in the on-premise centres. Cloud ensures complete data security without maintaining any hardware or facilities. We offer to you an end-to-end solution to deliver the optimum security level required for your business to help you migrate to the Cloud..

AWS Cloud Migration

Companies need to be agile and flexible and this is why they are moving to the Cloud. AWS can deliver storage, compute power, and resources letting the business gain access to a range of IT infrastructure. We help you to move your business to the AWS Cloud with minimal effort and cost.

AWS Database Migration

Our Cloud engineers help to migrate your database to AWS securely and quickly. This cuts cost and time in landing your data on the AWS platform. You may have your database on SQL, Oracle, MySQL, or SQL. We will get it to work on AWS in no time.

DevOps Automation

We at Softgrid Computers combine our knowledge in the nativeAWS Cloud and the DevOps service using various tools that create automated and cohesive solutions for you which ultimately helps in driving your business value.

Serverless Computing

Modern Cloud computing lets you meet the demand for cost, speed, and quality. Our services let you shift from the on-premise to a Cloud-based solution that makes you more agile and thus competitive.

Managed Cloud Services

Businesses grow with time and this makes it difficult for them to leverage and maintain their IT infrastructure. Our Managed Cloud Services let the business focus on their core competency while we take over the task of managing the IT infrastructure for them. We offer a pragmatic approach to manage the Cloud environment. This helps in optimizing costs, simplifying the operations, and accelerating the deployments.

Microsoft Solutions on AWS

Seamlessly run all your windows applications on the Amazon Web. We at Softgrid Computers combine Amazon Web Solutions and Microsoft Solutions and deploy wonders to your AWSplatform. Our Cloud architects are certified and they work with your team to build a secure, cost effective and reliable solution for the Microsoft workload on AWS.

AWS Well-Architected Framework

We are one of the few consulting partners who offer AWS well-architected frameworks. We provide the best practices across the five designing and operating pillars. Our services let you operate in an efficient, reliable, cost-effective, and secure system on the Cloud.

Benefits of Choosing Amazon Web Services

Take your business to the next level with AWS

  • Easy to use AWS lets you host your applications on the Cloud quickly and with complete security.
  • AWS offers flexibility giving you a plethora of options to select from whether it is the operating system, platform, language, database, or any other service that you may need.
  • Pay only for the resources and the computing power that you use without any commitments upfront. The pay-what-you-use feature makes AWS cost-effective.
  • Reliable, scalable and secure is something that the AWS global computing infrastructure boasts of.
  • Based on your current requirements and demands AWS lets you scale up or down.
  • AWS utilizes the end-to-end approach to secure the infrastructure through the software operations and physical measures.

Why choose us?

Softgrid Computers is a premier AWS consulting partner and we have been helping various companies leverage their Amazon Web Services.
  • Excellent Customer Satisfaction : We assign a dedicated account and project manager to make sure that your engagement with us runs smoothly.
  • Wide Experience : We assign a dedicated account and project manager to make sure that your engagement with us runs smoothly.
  • Configuring Database : We are capable of configuring the SQL and the no-SQL database to achieve durability, performance, and availability.
  • VPC Configuration : Through the AWS virtual private Cloud platform we allow you to manage your networking resources completely.
  • Cost-Effective : Our competitive pricing and reliable services ensure that you receive the best return on your investment.
  • Round the clock Technical Support : Our 24/7 customer support connects you with the right team to enhance productivity and to reduce any complexity.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

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