CodeIgniter Development

CodeIgniter is an open-source software rapid development web framework,
for use in building dynamic web sites with PHP.


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CodeIgniter allows developers to apply least codes and rapidly build projects using the most comprehensive and superbly aligned practice which in turn helps in reducing the cost of development.


This is the first step that we take before starting the app development process. In this stage we focus on the requirement analysis to understand the focus points of our clients.


All the parts of the application are made in a similar style and without much of a problem can be coordinated into new pages and modules, enabling you to make new arrangements.


At SoftGrid we possess the knowledge that is enough to safeguard your business against malicious objects such as viruses and threats. The platform is great when it comes to security and presence because of its dynamic structure.


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Regardless of whether it's for a web or mobile application, the best integrations developed on CodeIgniter configuration comprehends the framework and capacity of the platform.



With CodeIgniter, developers can build interfaces both of the application or website so as to develop an email sending platform.


Image editing applications and galleries can be easily developed with this PHP based rapid development web framework.


We can get the advantage of various database classes that comes built in the CodeIgniter PHP framework.


With CodeIgniter we develop payroll, accounts receivable, transaction processing, database management, and other programs that are critical for the industrial operations.

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CodeIgniter is an open-source, free, easy-to-use, object-oriented PHP web application framework, contributing a ready-to-use library to practice with your PHP applications. For instance, suppose there is a Database API to make it more accessible and convenient to execute SQL queries, such as SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, etc., without having to create a lot of repetitive code yourself. The aforementioned is how an application framework is beneficial in application development.

CodeIgniter offers a wealth of features for programmers, here's a peek into a few of them::

  • Simple-to-use MVC Framework
  • Advance Security & XSS Filtering
  • Offers Data Encryption
  • Search-Engine Friendly URLs
  • Extremely Lightweight Framework
  • Offers Form & Data Validation
  • Error Logging
  • File Uploading Class
  • Image Manipulation Library
  • Offers Class for Calendar, Template Engine, & Unit Testing
  • Hooks & Class Extensions
  • Inbuilt Class Support for Sending Mail
  • Support for paging & Data Encryption

This is another critical question that has to be dealt with immediately. Without knowing the reason for using CodeIgniter, one can't prefer it. Here are some of the reasons why you must use CodeIgniter:

  • The entire framework is very clear and well structured. Documentation is very easy.
  • Offers better stability and encourage
  • The community assistance of CodeIgniter needs special mention. They supply excellent support, and the knowledgeable community has options for almost all kinds of framework problems.
  • It allows caching of this website for enhanced performance and easier loading times.

The programmers (or businesses) must choose CodeIgniter for the terrific service offered through the framework's hyperactive and friendly community by quickly answering the queries asked. Additionally, it provides a simple routing method along with excellent stability. Besides, it also allows developers to cache sites to facilitate improved functionality and improved loading times.

There is no requirement for developers to conduct pages of code together with CodeIgniter. The app only important things and there are so many different resources present which will accelerate the procedure.

  • The architecture is simple, and novice developers can also use it without a great deal of hassle.
  • It is an MVC framework, and hence the separation of business logic and view can be done easily.
  • User input is also sanitized and server side validations are handled easily.
  • Not to forget, it's very easy to create readable SQL statements using an active document.

According to a study, PHP is your primary server-side language used by 82 percent of websites, including Facebook and Twitter, to use PHP.

Codeigniter is a lightweight framework that's easy to use. It's a small source code, which can be uploaded directly off to your hosting. You just have to upload the files and you're done. No need to enter any unique command-line arguments or commands and even no particular software setup is recommended during installation.

The web applications which are constructed with the help of the PHP framework Codeigniter are very user friendly and built. It's quite easy for a fresher or a newcomer; as they can easily become adept with the framework.

Codeigniter has a variety of libraries. It offers excellent documentation support as it is extensive. What's more, it includes a highly supportive community, and its features include form validation, Emails, unit testing, community service, sessions, and a lot more.

  • CodeIgniter is a PHP framework for creating software promptly.
  • The whole source code to get CodeIgniter is near 2MB. This makes it effortless to master CodeIgniter and the way it functions.
  • The built-in attributes of CodeIgniter are intended to operate independently without relying too much on additional elements.
  • The frame employs the Model-View-Controller architectural layout.
  • The frame is well recorded, and they're excellent books, tutorials, and replied forum queries on CodeIgniter
  • CodeIgniter includes a few libraries, along with helpers users from the box.
  • CodeIgniter is not challenging to master for anyone who's already knowledgeable about PHP.
  • In CodeIgniter, the user requests a source; the controller reacts first. The control knows the user request subsequently requests the necessary information if it's important.