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As the volume of online sales grows, the management of an online store becomes more and more complex for businesses and entrepreneurs alike. Building an E- Commerce store may not be that difficult, however, surviving the competition and making a profit is where many fail. This is where the automation of shopping functions helps. While there are number of e-Commerce software solutions that exist in the market today BigCommerce offers many advantages that help you to analyze and manage the E- commerce store with much efficiency and consistency. Softgrid is available to assist you with any requirements you may have for BigCommerce design and development.


Ease of Use:

With a clear user interface, you can simplify daily store tasks. It has an intuitive UI that makes store-setup a painless process. Some of the user-friendly functions on offer are: automated returns, ability to view complete inventory, payment gateway integration, study bestsellers, store statistics etc.

Variety of Design Templates:

A vast number of free and premium (paid) store-front themes are offered in BigCommerce. These themes/templates can be customized using HTML or CSS editors. It is also possible to download and work on them in offline mode.

Extensive Feature Set:

BigCommerce includes a large number of features that are already integrated in the shopping cart, which helps you to increase your marketing activities, track advertising, improve customer service, and incorporate a point of sale system (POS) in your brick-and-mortar store.

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Whether you’re looking for new website setup, redesign, or looking for help in driving more customers to your store, you can trust Softgrid as an agency which can deliver results that exceed your expectations and help you achieve your business goals.


We understand that no two businesses are the same, which is why we take a highly personalized approach to every project, ensuring that the end result is perfectly aligned with our client's brand and objectives. Our team of expert designers has extensive experience in tailoring BigCommerce themes to suit your unique needs.


At Softgrid, we assist businesses in their growth journey by providing a range of services including bigcommerce apps development and business software integrations. Our team of experts can help you achieve your desired outcomes by tailoring BigCommerce to your unique business needs.

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It's one of the most advanced eCommerce platforms. BigCommerce is an online store builder that can also be referred to as a hosted shopping cart software. It's been leveraged by tens of thousands of eCommerce stores in more than 150 countries. So, if you're searching for a reliable and stable eCommerce platform that lets you perform and manage your digital business, you can consider BigCommerce as a viable alternative.

The platform offers an array of services including order processing, catalog management, price lists, creating intuitive product pages, adding discount coupons, adding diverse product ranges, and much more. Users can design their own store by using drag and drop panels.

BigCommerce management has updated its platform versions with additional functionalities and features to improve the platform by leaps and bounds. Their efforts and constant investments in the platform ensures it to be hassle-free for the users and secure from any possible issues. Henceforth, the stores built on BigCommerce remain intuitive and streamlined while providing the merchants with enterprise-level tools and customization options. In short, they're one of the most secure cloud-based eCommerce platforms.

Yes. SEO is one of the most significant functionality that any eCommerce platform must offer. BigCommerce makes a special effort to provide its users with an SEO friendly website to increase their reach and awareness. BigCommerce offers the most SEO friendly website frameworks for merchants. This e-commerce platform presents you with a lot of capability, flexibility, and control of technical SEO items. The SEO functionality on the platform is backed by the new Stencil framework as well, which makes it seamless for merchants and requires the least possible digital marketing knowledge.

Additionally, BigCommerce merchants can also enable a free SSL certificate through encryption or use/purchase a third party SSL with additional security features.

Although both platforms are assistant to merchants aiming at growing online brands, if you're to get the best, BigCommerce is surely going to be your choice. At first, the pricing and plans of BigCommerce and Shopify look fairly similar but when you examine the cost of 3rd party apps, you would know the reason why store owners choose BigCommerce over Shopify.

BigCommerce offers an ease to merchants by allowing them to never worry about paying additional transaction fees no matter which credit card processing provider works best for their business. On the other hand, Shopify merchants are forced to pay additional transaction fees on top of any credit card as processing rates.

Shopify poses a limited support for options and variants for an eCommerce store, whereas at the same price you can get much more support from BigCommerce. BigCommerce also supports 70+ types of discounts out of the box, including cart-level discounts to create promotions that help in driving revenue not the app costs.

In a recent report by one of the renowned research organizations, BigCommerce was named as a strong performer in the eCommerce space. The platform has earned the highest possible score in a comprehensive report across five criteria including Platform Architecture, Technology Partners, Delivery Model, Multivariate Testing, and Expanded Sales Channels (B2B Wave).

Be it for a small business or an enterprise-level one, BigCommerce platform is renowned as one of the best multichannel selling eCommerce platforms. You obviously are aiming to grow your eCommerce business in the future. BigCommerce lets you access tons of multichannel integrations that can help you sell across many different platforms. Hence it's ideal for scaling your small business with all the advanced tools and feature offerings.