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Team Softgrid offers top-quality development services to help you create exceptional web and mobile applications. Our fullstack developers are skilled in the full spectrum of front-end and back-end technologies.

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Develop Applications Free From Any Bugs

Our full stack web development team has the software technology and programming expertise you need to develop your unique business software. We are an agency which can help you develop your software applications which are free from any bugs, malware, loopholes, backdoors etc.

High-End Quality Checks

At each stage of the development process, we conduct rigorous quality checks to ensure a seamless and timely launch of your business application. With our expert attention to detail, your application will perform flawlessly and be easy to maintain.

Out-Of-The-Box Ideas

Stand out from the competition with the help of our expert full stack developers. Our team prides itself on creative thinking and unique solutions that set your business apart. And with our commitment to getting it right the first time, you'll save both time and money.

Building Better Applications with Our Full-Stack Development Team

Project stability through server and hosting development

Our developers are trained at developing varied hosting technologies which is easily leveraged on your application. Require any kind of an interface with the server or the cloud then rest assured that our developers will provide you with a seamless, secure, and robust solution.

Meet all requirements with the database development services

Our experts can integrate varied database technologies into your scalable and agile project ensuring that your application data is easily accessible and secure.

Technology Expertise

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Yes, it is possible. We provide you with a dedicated full stack programmer who comes with expertise in working with various industries be it media and entertainment, e-commerce, finance or healthcare, etc.

The full stack developer is he who can work comfortably with both the front end as well as the back end technology. The full-stack developer can thus build any application right from its start till its end. He manages, plans, and builds the software products using general specifications. He creates codes that let the application function properly.

It can be a bit confusing to pick up the best full stack developer. Here are the factors that should be kept in mind when hiring a full-stack developer.

  • Developers portfolio
  • Current and past clients worked with
  • Platform compatibility
  • Understanding of the communication channel

You enjoy various benefits when you hire a skilled and dedicated developers company.

  • Get complete control of the development process
  • Guarantee of risk minimization and quality assurance
  • Developers work as a part of your team

The full stack developer should know the following languages.

  • Frontend technology- AngularJS, HTML5, ReactJS, Bootstrap and JavaScript
  • Backend Technologies- ExpressJS, NodeJS, CodeIgniter, Laravel
  • Database & Server- MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache, AWS, NGINX , MongoDB

The full stack developer should know the following languages.

  • The front end of any website application is the part that the user sees and interacts with directly. The front-end developers usually work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • The back-end web developers will work along with the front-end web developer to ensure that their code works within the design of the website and with the front end.
  • The full-stack developers will work with the front end and the back end of the website. They know most of the front end and back end programming languages.

Our Portfolio Web Apps Developed

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IKU Social is a SAAS based application that provides a platform to manage all your social media accounts in one place. Here you can plan and publish the content for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Telegram. All from one simple dashboard. Here one can edit and/or crop a photo or videos, apply filters, and schedule the post in less time. We have developed this application in Custom CMS using PHP/MySQL.We have also handled its complete frontend. We are still working on this application in enhancing the features and providing complete support and maintenance services to this.

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Connectio is a great tool for users who run ads on Facebook. It makes Facebook ad targeting a lot easier. The project has several great features including A/B testing of ads, lead synchronization with your Autoresponders, and vice versa. The project heavily uses FB ad APIs and is approved by the Facebook team. Softgrid Computers team has been dedicatedly working on Connectio since the beginning and is fully responsible to manage all the application maintenance.

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Floky is the easiest and fastest way to analyze data. It allows you to see where they click, mouse movements, and taps made from smartphones. You can analyze and identify the hot areas of your site, that is where users pause and click more. It also allows to set filters and observe the data with confidence. it optimizes and tests new landings to have a greater conversion with your funnel Softgrid Computers team has been dedicatedly working on this SaaS platform since the beginning and is fully responsible to manage all the applications.

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Grabbi gives you all the tools you need to convert website visitors, generate leads, segment your audience, and drive sales - in one platform. Here you can edit and customize your widget, set your notification icon, title color, text, link, add personalization in your messages, etc. Full stack was used to develop the application.We have also handled its complete frontend. We are still working on this application in enhancing the features and providing complete support and maintenance services to this.

Upviral platform developers


Upviral was started with a small concept of page referral and point earning system but has now grown greatly with lots of viral marketing techniques converted to a handy tool. It includes several integrations of third-party APIs, an inbuilt drag and drops page builder system, etc. UpViral is a great platform to run viral giveaway campaigns through contests. Softgrid Computers team has been dedicatedly working on the UpViral SaaS platform since the beginning and is fully responsible to manage all the application maintenance.

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This is another SAAS based social media-based application. Bunseki is used to analyze and monitor profile statistics of different social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and Pinterest. It is developed in puer PHP and MySQL. It has different features where one can subscribe to see detailed reports on their different social media accounts like monitoring the growth of the profiles by followers, posts, users followed, engagement, and much more and finally you will get progress and tracking of your favorite profiles every week through email. We have integrated highly ended APIs and have added our clean custom code for the enhancement. We are at Softgrid still working on new features additions and handling its maintenance and support.

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