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Despite the popularity of Android OS, the demand for iOS devices is growing in India. Apple's initiatives to introduce devices aimed at varying types of users and attractive pricing and offers have worked in its favor. Given the rising sale of iOS devices, it makes sense to develop apps for the platform. However, you cannot count on just any agency to develop iOS apps for your brand. We offer cutting edge iOS app development services for clients hailing from diverse sectors.

What you get from our iOS apps?

We develop iOS apps for clients after conducting extensive analysis and research. Our iOS apps are developed with a focus on precision, functionality, and security.

Media and content handling with ease

By using our iOS apps, you can easily collate and analyze customer information. This makes it easy for your brand to assess the information and figure out customer preferences and likings.

Service modification and enhanced productivity

The data collected by our apps can be useful for your brand. You can use the data to tweak the shortcoming of the services. Polishing the services helps in enhancing productivity and boosting the overall customer experience.

Location-Based Services

We develop iOS apps that make it possible for you to deliver customer location-based services. This can be handy when you want to deliver customized services to the customers.

Augmented Reality compatibility

AR is being touted as the next big thing. We have expert developers who are capable of embedding AR experience into the apps. This can be useful for dealing with niche customers.

Social Networking integration

We develop iOS apps that are fully compatible with top social media platforms. This makes it simple for your social media addicted customers to access the apps and services instantly.

Gaming apps development

We can develop enticing gaming apps for the iOS platform. The gaming apps are fully functional, and they will keep target users glued to their devices for a long.

App support and maintenance

We do develop feature-rich iPhone apps for clients and offer comprehensive app maintenance and update services. So, you can always be assured of a great app usage experience.

The various stages in iOS app development

We adhere to a tried and tested model for developing stunning iOS apps for the clients. We ensure the clients get the best app experience as well as value for money.


This is the 1st phase of iOS app development. We assess the client requirements and take feedback as well before delving into the actual development process.

App development

Once we are clear on the client's needs and end-user requirements, we get into the app creation phase. We segregate the project into several stages for ensuring logical progress and timely completion.

Code creation

Once the app design is done, we begin the coding part. We stick to the SWIFT programming language for iOS app creation.

Rigorous testing

We test each iOS app developed multiple times for any bugs and functional issues.

Deployment and delivery

In this phase, the developed app is tested in a simulated environment. After we are fully satisfied with the app, it is delivered to the client.

Why choose us for iOS development?

You get many advantages by selecting us over typical iOS app development agencies.

In-depth analysis

We analyze multiple factors like client company image, competitors, and target customers before getting into app development.

Enticing and sleek apps

the iOS platform is known for its enticing and fluid experience and looks. We ensure the apps gel smoothly with the UI. The UI is something that captivates the users.

Speedy performance

The iOS users are habituated to butter smooth and fast experience in the OS and apps. We develop apps keeping this aspect in mind. Our apps load super-fast, and you will not experience any lag.

Superb security

Apple is particular about the apps developed for iOS to be secure. We develop IOS apps with a strong focus on user data security. We deploy all necessary security measures.

Reasonable pricing

We do not make your wallet bleed for designing cutting edge and sleek iOS apps. You will find our rates absolutely reasonable.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

The data that Apple has released at the beginning of 2020 shows the potential and possibilities of the iOS market in the future. Below are the main points which the data showed:

  • There are currently 2.2 million apps on the App Store.
  • Over 2500 apps are added to the Apple App Store every day.
  • App Store revenue was $ 25.5B in Q2 of 2019, which is 80% of the Google App Store's revenue.

These figures show that iOS apps have a lot of potentials, and their future is bright. Apart from this, there are many more benefits of iOS app development, such as:

  • Better App Revenue
  • Security of Enterprise Data
  • High-Quality Standards of Apple's Play Store
  • All kinds of Apps Succeed Here
  • Established Customer Base
  • Tech-Ready Audience
  • Less Development Time

Here are some benefits of hiring our iPhone app development services:

  • We have a team of experienced mobile application developers.
  • Our work processes are quality-oriented.
  • We have in-depth knowledge of frameworks and tools.
  • We have comprehensive experience in various industries.
  • Best resource utilization
  • Our developers have a strong understanding of customers’ needs

Yes, of course. We have designed and developed plenty of apps on iOS for various kinds of industries. You can share your requirement, and based on that; we will share our previous work.

We keep this factor on our priority and get the NDA signed in the beginning. All your information and data will be kept confidential. Once the app is developed, we will share all the intellectual property with you, and you will be the proprietor of that.

We will be your technology partner and will help you wherever you need us in this domain. We have helped many of our previous clients getting their app approved on the play store. Also, Our team develops apps keeping in mind the guidelines of the Apple Play Store.

First, we need to understand your requirement, and then only we will be able to tell you the time frame of the task. In general, it takes time to create something unique, and one month is a short period. Please contact us to discuss further.

Here is our app development process.

  • Analyzing Requirements
  • Wireframing & Designing
  • Developmentdg
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Support and Maintenance

We can assist you with a minor change to a major project. We will understand your requirement and will tell you the best possible solution for your work.

We not only have a technical team but a creative team as well. Our teams keep researching and analyzing the market, and they have in-depth knowledge of it. So, you just have to contact us, and everything else we will handle.

We are easily approachable. You can contact us in these ways:

  • Please message us via a form on
  • Email us:
  • Drop a message to us on our social media platforms.


SoftGrid offers broad range of IOS development services which include native IOS development to Hybrid App development. We have designed plans that are suitable to the needs of our customers.


Gigley is a full service native application built on IOS and Android platform. This application with many unique features, design and branding is going to be one of its kind in the market. This application is made exclusively for “Croatia” and intended for service providers and users. The application provides different services like cleaning, food delivery, car help etc. Here user can post jobs(Gigs) and can apply to the available Gigs. User can manage profile and under this user can see his gigs, payment history, status of gigs etc. There is a messaging system, money wallet, Gigs listing, search filters with MAP, etc.

Swish Boss is a trend-driven online destination for fashion Clothes,jewellery & accessories. This is hybrid application which works smoothly on both, iOS and Android devices. Users can register for free and can place orders directly from this product catalogue. Visitors can create their easily manageable accounts and make changes to their profiles, passwords or orders. Swish Boss app allow users to view & elaborate product details from color to price and enter custom size. The checkout process is simple and hassle-free, supported by secure payment gateways integration with multiple currency support, and standard Shipping and Return policy.


Do you have any more queries on our iOS app development services? Feel free to get in touch. We are sure you will have a delightful experience. Our team can serve you with exceptional iOS development services for your business..