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We are one of the leading Angular JS Development Company in India. Our experienced team has expertise in Angular JS such as extensive knowledge of MVC JavaScript frameworks like Ember.js, Backbone.js, Angular JS, etc. We aspire to become one of the top Angular JS Development Company in Indore and believe in the quality of products.


We provide the following services that are based on Angular JS
  • User Interactive App Development
  • Plug-ins Development
  • Angular JS Web Application Development
  • Custom Angular JS Development
  • Angular JS App Development
  • Migration Services
  • App interface and Development
  • Website interface and Development
  • Enterprise Development
  • Interactive Dashboard Development
  • E-commerce Application Development
  • Interactive Real-Time Apps
  • Social and Interactive Apps
  • Angular JS Consulting
  • Custom Widget Development
  • Custom components and user interface


Angular JS is a JavaScript framework. It can be added to an HTML.Angular JS extends HTML attributes with Directives and binds data to HTML with Expressions. Some of the key features of Angular JS are:

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Even if you hire one of our AngularJS developers, we will give better results than you expected, but if you hire our team, then the benefits will be multiplied. When many experts and trained minds work on any of your projects, the results will also be multi-dimensional.

If you hire our entire team, an experienced project manager will be assigned who will guide the whole team and will be committed to completing the project on time. It will be an extra benefit to you from our side.

We are always ready to prove the efficiency of our angular developers; even this is a part of our hiring process. You can take a detailed call with our AngularJS developer to test their expertise and knowledge about the field. In this call, you can test the experience and learning of our developers, and if you want any suggestions about your project, then they will help you with this as well. Our entire process is transparent.

The requirements of every project are different, and accordingly, our team creates a good development strategy. But, there is a general process that we follow, and that is:

  • Assigning experienced developers.
  • Understanding the client's requirement in detail.
  • Discussing with the client about the doubts or concerns about the project.
  • Assigning projects according to efficiency and talent.
  • Providing the best solution by doing market and technical research as per project requirements.
  • Using Right Development Tools.
  • Using the correct technology.
  • In-depth testing and project deployment.

You will continue to get the progress information on whatever task our Angular Development Team will perform. In every task, our team will keep you in the loop, and if necessary, your consent-disagreement will be taken. But if you want to know the progress of your project at any time, you can get information from our team by email or Skype.

Whichever developer or AngularJS development team we assign to you will always be connected to you over email and Skype, so you can know the progress of your project whenever you want.

Yes, we do. We will provide you with the NDA document and other related papers before the project starts. The project will be started only after you are satisfied.

This will happen when you are not happy with the work of the angular developer, but with our experienced team, it never happens that the client is not happy with their work. Client satisfaction is our number one priority, and our team also works with this principle. It is our responsibility to provide the best solution for your project.

But still, if you want to change the developer for some reason, we can do this for you. The only problem may be that the new AngularJS developer will take some time to understand your project, and due to this, there may be some delay in your project. Here you might have to be patient and cooperate with us. Everything else can be adjusted according to your requirement. Our team of expert developers at SoftGrid will ensure your project is completed to its best standards.

We believe in maintaining a long-term relationship with the client, and hence our association can continue even after the project is over. We provide a website or app maintenance service and support to you. Meaning, we will be with you as your technology partner even after the website or app is created.

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