Magento Development

Now give your E-Commerce platform the combination of rich, out-of-the-box functionality that enhances
the performance of your business by letting you manage the growing customer demands.

Magento development company

eCommerce Store Development

Magento has been covering majority of market since its beginning, proving that it can take your business to next level. Our Magento Ecommerce Development Services helps you in the setup and execution of your online store with the capability of appealing new customers as well as delivering them a shopping experience that is completely satisfactory. With Softgrid you get access to our imaginative designers and talented Magento eCommerce developers as a team, which works closely in order to turn your vision into reality beginning from conversation to the final touch-up through customized magento development services.

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magento b2b experts

B2B Solutions

Magento empowers thousands of brands with the best eCommerce platforms and flexible cloud solutions to rapidly innovate and grow. Magento B2B is the most preferred and effective solution for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors globally. Order quotes, full accounting system, seamless quotes and invoice tracking, customer specific catalogs and much more is there. At Softgrid we develop highly customized and high performing b2b websites using magento b2b solutions. Take your business to a new level by turning your webstore into a powerful B2B e-commerce solution with Softgrid Magento Development services.

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Magento migration experts

Migrate to Magento

We help you migration to Magento from any other online eCommerce platform be it Shopify, Bigcommerce, Woocommerce etc. We offer managed services for migration or upgrade of your existing Magento store.

eCommerce market is evolving and success of your online business heavily relies on the customer experience. To match the customer expectation in this highly competitive market, Softgrid is an established player who can help you manage your online brand and worry no more for your magento eCommerce store development and migration requirements.

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magento app setup help

Magento Mobile App

If you have a running magento e-commerce store, its likely you want to launch your android and iphone apps as well. With apps you can have better brand presence; better customer experience and better customer connect. The app can lead to the conversion of higher sales; we've seen upto 55% boost in sales with the apps.

We offer customized mobile app solutions for your magento and magneto 2 stores.

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Experience & Qualification - Applied Knowledge

As a professional with immense experience and knowledge of Magento, we help our clients to get the best of both worlds; experience and qualifications.

Search Engine Optimization - The Best Rankings

We are experts in designing eCommerce platforms rank high in search engines as well as creating visibility that brings traffic to your website.

Technical Assistance - No Compromise

The time when a company fails to provide suitable support equals to lost revenue and damaged customer trust. We can get down to work within the shortest possible time for emergency support tasks.

Research - True Power

We add value to the team and perform more than just developers; we understand the dynamics of your business and orchestrate performance with agility and resilience.

Risks - Eliminated

Cyberattacks against ecommerce companies are constantly evolving in volume and sophistication. At Softgrid, we possess the knowledge that is enough to safeguard your business against viruses and threats.

Quality of Work

Softgrid ensures that only quality techniques and technologies are being used for your Magento store development. Softgrid always adheres to infosec guidelines.



This is the first step that we take before starting your magento store. In this stage, we focus on the requirement analysis to understand the focus points of our clients.


The next step that goes into project development is designing the entire project cycle. All the standard parameters are decided and the project schedule is done.

Code and Implementation

In this stage, the frontend and backend setup is done. Required custom coding or module development is done to fulfill the requirement.


Testing of the complete store is performed simultaneously along with the development. This phase ensures the proper integration of various modules.


The final product is deployed in this phase. This is the final step of the project development process and ensures the proper functioning of the application in real time.


We provide the support that is necessary for your project to run flawlessly. Support includes managing the project code, server infrastructure and handling all client feedback.


Advanced Search

Magento Enterprise Edition is equipped with advanced search rules that deliver the results your customers expect. Magento Elastic search comes with powerful features such as Quick auto-complete and automatic suggestion for better user experience.

Advanced Targeting and Segmentation tools

This feature that allows you to dynamically display content and promotions targeted to specific customers groups. These are based on attributes such as customer address, order history, shopping cart contents and so on.

Advanced Merchandising and Promotion

It is very important to show your customers the right products and promotions. This will help to increase the chances of making a sale. Thus, merchandising and promotion are great tools to increase conversion rates.

Advanced Content Management

Magento includes drag-and-drop content management capability that comes along with staging and preview features; this allows content creators to build content and get it approved without involving a developer.

B2B Support

Magento's B2B functionality includes requisition lists, negotiated pricing, quotes, corporate accounts, and product exclusivity. These features allow you to focus on customizing the features that are unique to your business operation.

Multi-tasking Ability

An E-commerce store developed on Magento gives you the multi-tasking ability that is required to be exhibited while dealing with a large number of customers.

Magento Support At Your Fingertips

Provide customers with an intricate experience. Initiate a free consultation and get our team to connect to you in the nearest time.


Any eCommerce business demands a lot of features and functionalities to attract their target audiences. Hence even beginning with an eCommerce business is a big step. You ought to finalize an eCommerce platform that enables you with powerful features and the capability to customize your online store as per your terms.

Over years, Magento has proved itself as one of the best eCommerce development platforms It presents the merchants with multiple features such as order management, intuitive shopping cart, mobile compatibility, scalable infrastructure, product navigation, and payment gateway integrations. No to forget, Magento also is highly recognized as the most secure and SEO friendly eCommerce platform. You can learn more about how to build a great e-commerce website for your business from our executives at SoftGrid.

At SoftGrid, we have a number of eCommerce developers who would assist you with their dedicated services around Magento based services. Our Magento developers in Indore have garnered immense experience in the field over the years by working on a range of Magento migration and store building from scratch projects.

Our Magento services aren't limited to migration or store building, we also have been closely associated with developing customized Magento extensions and themes as desired by the clients. Our expertise in Magento eCommerce store development has increased with every other project we have developed, contact our executives right now to learn more about the Magento based stores developed by our team.

eCommerce is undoubtedly one of those industries that may scale by leaps and bounds. Magento seems to be the most perfect eCommerce platform for any scalable business online. It offers merchants with the ability to serve more and more traffic with a robust foundational infrastructure. By gaining this ability, you can increase leads and earn more through your online store. Magento eCommerce platform also offers excellent uptime, ensuring the site is available for its users at any point in time.

Whether you choose Magento Open Source or Magento Commerce edition, you will be served with plenty of theme alternatives for direct implementation. If you go by suggestions from eCommerce experts, it's always suggested to build a custom theme for your store based on your brand and customer demands. Getting a custom-theme built is or must be preferred as it can accommodate all the special requirements of your store. Whether it's about following your brand color scheme, getting a specific store layout, or reflecting your brand values through the store, a custom theme will help you in realizing all these.

Executing custom themes is effective in providing a personal and unique touch to your eCommerce store. Although you might be allured from an array of alternatives available in the ready made themes of Magento stores, choosing a custom theme will be EXCLUSIVE to your online store, leaving a distinct and lasting impression on your customers or users.

Magento platform lets you customize nearly everything as per your business requirements. Much similar to custom themes, custom modules also prove to be a significant part of your Magento webstore. As per your business needs and business model, you can add some effective and exclusive features or characteristics to your store with custom-built modules on Magento.

If you're thinking of giving some premium services on your eCommerce website or thinking of providing some advanced features to manage functions on the administrative level, Magento custom modules can help in realizing so. Whatever your customizations demands, our Magento development expert developers at SoftGrid can assist in developing a superior quality website with all the essential features you aim to have on your webstore.

After June 2020, Magento has announced to shut down its official support for all the Magento 1 stores. It has launched the Magento 2 version and asked all merchants and store owners to migrate to a higher version of the platform to unleash a lot of new Magento capabilities. You can contact Magento 2 developers at SoftGrid for performing a hassle-free shift of your Magento 1 store to Magento 2 store.

Here are a few key improvements on Magento 2 platform:

  • New shopping functionalities
  • User-friendly tactics
  • Modernized checkout
  • Better performance
  • Excellence in extensions
  • Framework enhancements
  • Continuous platform update
  • Official Magento Support