PhoneGap Development Services

The flexibility and versatility provided by PhoneGap application development includes a wide range
of APIs for different mobile functionalities such as camera, accelerometer, contacts, compass, media etc.


PhoneGap is an open source framework to develop mobile apps using web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. It is used to develop mobile apps for different mobile platforms. By using PhoneGap, developers have to write codes only once and can deploy the apps across iPhone, Windows and Android platforms. The new trend in the mobile market is the emergence of cross platform mobile applications. One of the most popular development tool is the PhoneGap. It allows the developers to create cross platform apps that are robust and cross platform supportive.

What We Do?

Crossing boundaries with cross platform

PhoneGap development services are one of the most important services that meet almost all our client requirements. We have developed customized mobile apps and have also migrated existing web applications to other mobile platforms. Our experience in developing apps has made us the leading expert in strategies for development, creating User Experience designs and creating user-friendly apps.


Your Developer Works 100% on Your Project

When we receive a project, we create a project scheduling for the project which consists of all the stages of the product development lifecycle, meeting the deadlines efficiently.

Your Code is Secure. It Belongs to You Only.

When we receive a project, we create a project scheduling for the project which consists of all the stages of the product development lifecycle, meeting the deadlines efficiently.

Experienced Development Manager Supervises Your Developer

An expert team leader is deployed who is equipped with industry leading tools for properly managing the entire development cycle and complete the project with maximum efficiency.

No Minimum Contract

We offer the best pricing for the development services that we offer. We believe in the highest productivity at optimum cost associated.

Ready to start a project?

We offer Phonegap development service using which you can get your application ready pretty quickly an app that can work on any mobile OSs and device including iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone 7, Android, BlackBerry, etc.

If you are convinced enough then contact us for quality Phonegap development services.


There are many features and benefits of PhoneGap, and many top companies have developed their mobile app on it.

PhoneGap allows reusing already existing web technologies such as HTML and JavaScript to create robust applications. It saves both the time and cost of PhoneGap development. The app gets ready quickly, meaning you can launch your app in the market sooner. It supports Geolocation, accelerometer, photos, contacts, and offline storage, which improves the app's functionality. QA and testing are easy, and it takes less time to find and rectify bugs. PhoneGap Development is a great option for Mobile App Development. Contact us today for more information.

We have a team of PhoneGap app developers who have years of experience in this field and have successfully built apps for thousands of clients. At SoftGrid, our team of enthusiastic and dynamic developers can easily reuse the code on different operating mobiles and follow the best practices of PhoneGap development.

Our team is an expert in making customized mobile apps and developing the best app according to your requirement. We make mobile applications for all platforms like iPhone, iPad, Blackberry. We make a great app using third-party and open-source tools that are beautiful and great in user experiences. After creating the app, we deliver it to the client only after testing it thoroughly so that any bug does not occur in the future.

We are a one-stop solution for PhoneGap Development Services. You can contact us for whatever your requirements are related to PhoneGap development; we will do the best work.

Below are some services that we provide, apart from this, if you have any other requirement, contact us today:

  • PhoneGap Consulting
  • PhoneGap UI/UX Design
  • Custom PhoneGap App Development
  • PhoneGap Plugins & Widget Development
  • PhoneGap Integration
  • Migration to PhoneGap
  • PhoneGap App Testing
  • PhoneGap Maintenance
  • PhoneGap Re-engineering

By the way, there is no restriction on the industry as we have provided PhoneGap development for almost every industry. We have got an opportunity to work with clients from virtually every sector and country, and we have also given them excellent work. However, if some industries are named on which we have worked the most, then they are:

  • eCommerce
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Health & Fitness
  • Social Networking
  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Education

Which third-party tool that should be used depends on the client's needs and industry parameters. Third-party tools are used according to the requirements for the app being developed. But for your information we are giving below a list which we usually use:

  • ConfiGAP
  • Mobiscroll UI for Angular
  • foneverify
  • BuildFire Mobile App Building Platform
  • Paypal mobile
  • Mobile App Theme Builder
  • Amazon Mobile Ads API Plug-in for Phone Gap
  • Magento mobile shopping app
  • SimiCart
  • App Builder
  • Mofluid
  • WebRatio Mobile Platform
  • TestFairy SDK
  • Ubertesters SDK

It is difficult to tell how much it will cost to build a mobile app because each client's requirements are different, and accordingly, the resources and time is allotted to build the app. Therefore, it cannot be directly stated. If you want PhoneGap Development Services, then contact us today. We will connect an experienced PhoneGap developer to you, and they will help you with everything, from cost to technical aspects. Contact Us Now!