Node.js Development

By using the best development practices and methods, we create innovative and
stable Node.js solution for your software needs.

Using Node.js to create versatile and cross-platform solutions

Node.js is an open source, cross-platform technology thats used to build highly-scalable, data-intensive, real-time web applications.


Solutions in Node.js are cross-platform and can be used in any operating system as long as the browser is compatible with Node.js

Best Development Practices

We follow the best development practices when it comes to coding in Node.js, making sure the solution runs perfectly and can be maintained and updated as required.


Our Node.js solutions are lightweight and can be used in a wide range of different products.


Node.js is a runtime environment for JavaScript, the core coding language which is used in a wide range of electronics all over the world.

Solutions for the Web

Our Node.js solutions are meant for the web, just as JavaScript is considered the language of the internet.

Flexible and Quick

We focus on creating flexible and quick solutions coded in Node.js to perfectly achieve the goals of our clients.

Node.js development for
Scalabale web applications

Leverage the benefits of cross-platform applications with Node.js.


We consult with our clients to find out their needs and create a core concept of the solution that is to be coded.


We use the best designing practices to come up with a design narrative for the project and the best ways of executing it.


Using recommended developing practices, our team codes the solution in Node.js in a way that is structured and precise.


Any solution we create goes through a cycle of rigorous testing to ensure it performs as it should, under all kinds of conditions.


Once we have a tested prototype ready, we start the process of deploying. This is the final step in the creation of the solution.


We provide continuous support for our Node.js solutions and ensure our clients are happy and satisfied with our solution.


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Node.js is a cross-platform runtime environment that is used to develop the network applications and the server-side. This tool finds lots of use in modern website development. The main reason to use Node.js is to develop a web application that can be scaled. The tool is amazingly fast which makes it ideal to develop applications for IoT devices and real-time website applications.

Be it a startup or an established business, all can rely on Node.js to build scalable and stable website applications. Node.js is ideal to be used in social media apps, gaming apps, project management apps, IoT applications, live video streaming apps, and chat forums.

Node.js keeps Java omnipresent in the browser as well as the server. It has already proven its worth in IoT. The technology is loved by developers because of the backend system of the web applications. The future of this programming language is bright.

The requirements of your project, the intricacy of the project, functions, and features to be added and the development platform are some of the factors that determine the cost of Node.js application development.

Usually, it should not take more than four weeks to develop the Node.js app. The actual time is calculated based on the idea of the app and how complex it is, the number of screens, UX/UI design, and the bug testing.

Yes, we sign an NDA with you and also fill in the other documents that ensure security and complete protection of your data.

We sign an NDA with you that secures your intellectual property rights. You keep complete ownership of the source code. We will never reuse the code and also protect your code as per our service legal agreement.

We follow an agile development method. This lets us offer adaptive planning and continuous implementation and improvement of any changes that may arise during the development phase.

We use a project management tool as per what you prefer to use. You can login into the tool. This lets you get a clear idea of the project and its progress. Our team also conducts a meeting every week to give you an update about the project development.

Node.js offers many benefits. Here we have listed a few among them.

  • Comprises a speed native binding
  • Offers cloud scalability and cheap hosting
  • Offers a rapid minimum viable product delivery
  • Multiple platforms are compatible with the code written
  • You can choose from various extensions and packages

Node.js is a tool that can create any application. How the code is written impacts its performance. As compared to the other technologies Node.js does generate more traffic.

Yes, you can use Node.js to build desktop as well as mobile applications. This is because Node.js is a server tool.

Yes, Node.js is secure and is perfect for applications that need to process a huge volume of small messages like online gaming and real-time applications.

Node.js unfortunately may not be the best tool for machine learning. This is because the tool is not good at heavy task computation but more suitable for real-time website-based applications.

Yes, Node.js is suitable for the backend. Node.js is secure, smooth, and scalable. Building a backend using Node.js will make the applications run seamlessly.

Any app that is based on Node.js can be scaled horizontally as well as vertically. The node cluster module is very helpful here. If you wish to scale it horizontally then it is similar to how you would scale any backend application.

Depending on what changes or modifications you require the development team can assist you with the same. You will however need to sign a contract for the maintenance of the solution.

Cross Platform, Secure, and Lightweight
Node.js Solutions

Ready to augment your team? With years of experience, we aim to create only the best coded and tested solutions in Node.js to help our clients achieve their goals.