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Design your Google Cloud with us and we help you build, migrate and manage the Cloud solutions to drive innovation letting you gain the performance and cost benefits of this competitive Cloud solution. We at Softgrid Computers, bring to you the Google Cloud products and services tailored to meet your business needs. With our rich experience in offering multi-Cloud services, we ensure to offer you success in each phase of your Google Cloud journey right from helping you select the best offering to migrating, operating and collaborating with the Google Cloud based services.

Why choose Google Cloud services?

  • Let’s you mix and match the services as per the requirements of your application architecture
  • Stay worry-free about the system administration since Google manages the database, applications, and storage services for you
  • Avoid latency and keep your performance at the peak with Google's compute infrastructure that offers consistent disk, memory, and CPU performance.
  • Let’s you mix and match the services as per the requirements of your application architecture
  • Scale-up and down and pay only for what you use
  • Gain access to the top graded compliance and security measures from Google
  • Get all the support that you need to get you started and to grow

What does Google Cloud let you do?

Mobile Application

Focus on the development of your mobile application without worrying about the infrastructure. Also, scale your app when it grows.

Web Apps & Websites

Create your website right from scratch or run your business on a static website. Google Cloud services let you deploy and develop a scalable, robust, and a globally acceptable website.

Develop & Test

Get agile at performing tasks and then moving to the next without any upfront cost or delays to procure hardware.

Big Data

Collect and cost-effectively analyze data as quickly as you wish to.


Build scalable and massive games to delight customers without any upfront financial or infrastructure investments..

Internet of Things (IoT)

Scale connections, gather data, and make sense with it to offer unmatched user experience with Google Cloud services.

All-inclusive Google Cloud Services

Partner with us to get the comprehensive Google Cloud services that offer a competitive advantage and improves business productivity.

  • Google Cloud Platform – Allows extensive capability to migrate, train, and beyond
  • Desktop as a Service - Deploy apps, virtual desktops, and servers on the GCP in minutes
  • SAP on the Google Cloud Platform - Express the SAP migrations and deploy Greenfield
  • GCP Data Ingestion Service - Transfer the data volumes to the Cloud from the premise
  • SimpleDB - The hybrid Cloud service delivers, computes, and stores resources
  • Google Kubernetes Engine with Anthos - Speed up your hybrid Cloud journey from the start to the end
  • G Suite - Increase productivity and collaborate across the organization
  • SimpliMigrate – Simplify the mass data integration through migration as a service. 
  • DRaaS – Data resiliency is available as a collective or individually managed service offering.
  • Hybrid Connectivity with Partner Interconnect - Establish a direct and private connection between on-premise and GCP

What do we offer?

As a leading Google Cloud service provider, we are committed to helping accelerate the digital agenda of your organization. Our customers rely on our expertise and world-class services to drive the digital transformation and to lead them to innovation.

    Our capabilities include:

  • The best security to protect your data, systems, and users
  • Helping you find the best solution for your requirements, be it a multi-cloud or a hybrid cloud solution
  • A fully managed network ops which are an easy to use lean infrastructure
  • An embedded AI/ML that offers intelligence in all the activities
  • We bring in Google and its culture of value and innovation

Why choose us to migrate to Google Cloud services?

Optimize your Google Cloud platform and get the most of it through our specialists who offer support and expertise to maximize your Google Cloud investment. We drive innovation, letting you reap the maximum benefits of the Google Cloud services. Our comprehensive services range from evaluation to deployment planning and support post-deployment.

Performance-Oriented Service

Our experts will let you know all about the performance of your Cloud, its capacity, reliability, and billing through complete ownership.

Innovative Solutions

Gain a competitive advantage when you migrate to the Google Cloud services. With collaborative capabilities in real-time we create innovative solutions and products.

Affordable & Transparent

Reduce the cost of IT with our friendly pricing policy that offers discounts and savings. We offer a transparent and visible Cloud ecosystem.

24/7 Deployment Service

We let your transition be smooth with our best deployment team. 24/7 comprehensive support for Google Cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

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