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the latest technology stack. Softgrid specializes in strategic PHP development services .

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Our PHP developers are experts and can assist you in both, frontend and backend development of your project. You can hire a full stack web developer from Softgrid and save upto 70% of the cost of hiring one in your country. Our web developers are well versed with PHP Stack/Lamp Stack.
Our developers are experts in both the front and back end across various tiers of software development, databases, serves, APIs and hosting environments compared to others.



With regards to higher business growth with enhanced web optimization to achieve time-bound and financially viable solutions custom development is the best choice of organizations. Our PHP development solutions are designed to support small and medium size businesses of all verticals.


We offer comprehensive full stack PHP development services to deliver custom frontend and backend applications to businesses. We ensure that our full stack solutions are scalable, secure, and optimized for performance.

APIs Development & Integrations

We specialize in API development and integration, enabling you to enhance you application with seamless connectivity and extended functionality, allowing you to leverage the power of interconnected systems.


By leveraging frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter, Symfony etc we guarantee secure and reliable PHP applications that are optimized for performance. Our skilled PHP developers utilize the capabilities of these frameworks to accelerate the development cycle, ensuring faster time-to-market for your applications.


SoftGrid is a trusted PHP development company renowned for PHP application development, migration of your application to a newer PHP version, or maintenance and support for existing PHP projects. We've got you covered.

Support & Maintenance

We understand the importance of a well-maintained and high-performing website or application for the success of your business. Softgrid offers extensive support and maintenance services to ensure the seamless performance of your project.

How we work

At Softgrid we believe that every customer is unique, so are their requirements. Hence, understanding the business requirement is the first and primary step towards the successful completion of a business project.
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Understanding the business requirement

Softgrid is team of experts who excels in performing meticulous need analysis to understand your requirements thoroughly. After the need analysis, we leverage our expertise to design and develop innovative solutions that cater to your unique business goals. We have strong focus on web development and our highly skilled team is adept at crafting customized web designs that align with your brand identity and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Develop and Elaborate

We are quick at our approach and jump into action as soon as we are clear with the business requirements. Our team of highly skilled php developers is well equipped with the latest tools to create web solutions that can cater to specific problems. During the development stage, we stay in touch with you and all the modifications are done in real-time.


The product is rigorously tested on multiple parameters according to your requirements. Final modifications and closing are done to the product to bring it alive and ready to function. At this point, we hand over control and empowering you with what you need to know to maintain your site. However, we are open for collaboratively and seamlessly integrate ready modules to minimize your cost and risk to implement as some of our partners are instinctively looking for.

Experience the Excellence with Softgrid

At SoftGrid we help our clients with all phases of the project development cycle, and we are adaptable to adjust and modify the product as per the requirement of our customer. Regardless of the specifications of your business, we are committed to making your business profitable and create innovative solutions that enable you to accomplish your long-term objectives. We focus on a strategy that joins the fundamental principles of successful designing alongside development and innovation. We are a top rated PHP development company in India and always believe that trust comes from providing quality service every time. Softgrid has assembled a team of skilled professionals who possess extensive expertise in IT project management, consulting, and development.

Let's work together to make your project a success!

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PHP is one of those programming languages which are capable of built-in web development. It is comparatively easier to build a web application on PHP. With the help of a script tag, web developers can easily embed code written in PHP into HTML code. PHP has a wide range of frameworks available, and most of them are open-source, which makes it accessible for all.

Apart from these, there are many benefits of PHP web development such as:

  • Speed up the web development process.
  • Website maintenance is simplified.
  • No need to write additional code.
  • Efficiently work with the databases.
  • PHP has excellent online support and community.
  • Web applications can easily be tested.
  • Protect web apps from outer attacks and security threats.
  • PHP is stable.

We are a one-stop solution for PHP web development and offer a wide range of services. We are naming the most popular services here, but we have expertise in the unnamed services also. You can contact us to learn more about the services we offer.

  • PHP web development
  • PHP based CMS development
  • E-Commerce development
  • PHP/MySQL development
  • Custom PHP development
  • Web application development
  • Portal development solutions
  • Social Networking Solutions

Yes. We are always available for your services. Whenever you want to change or modify your website, we will get it done. Our team of expert PHP web developers will understand your requirement and will modify the website accordingly. In case you require special customizations on your website, they can be performed by our skilled PHP experts.

From web application development to redesign, we are one of the best service providers available. You can contact us with any of your requirements, and we will turn your imagination into reality. Redesigning of your existing website can also be done smoothly without harming your ongoing business.

We follow a goal-oriented approach to every project. Our experienced PHP web developers understand your requirement and prepare a good strategy and follow it from the very beginning. From day one, our developers keep you informed of every decisive update so that you know what progress is in the project.

We have a professional approach in every project, and every department is allocated work according to its efficiency. All the work from designing to testing is done with complete honesty and dedication. Before the project is delivered, our team tests the project thoroughly and sends the comprehensive testing report to you. The project is delivered only after you are completely satisfied.

Yes, we also provide post-development support. From website design to maintenance, we are always your technology partner. Our services ensure that you do not face any problems related to technology so that you can concentrate on your business.

You can contact us today for any post-development support requirements.

We are one of the most prominent web development agencies in India, recognized for custom PHP development. We do not outsource our client's projects to freelancers because we have an established team of developers working with us for many years. We have teams of web developers, web designers, testers, and management under one roof working towards our clients' success.

You can always be connected with the developers working on your project via email or Skype. Whenever you have any concerns, suggestions, or queries, you can directly contact the developer, and they will assist you with the required answers.

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