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Learning Management Systems (LMS) are the modern source empowering eLearning and publishing processes. With the right system in place, you can automate learning management and personalize the learner experience to gain an edge over competitors.

Features of LMS To Better Run Your Educational Institution

In recent times, the online learning management system (LMS) have become increasingly in demand. Modern learners prefer freedom; they no longer want to stick to a particular event, place, or time. A perfectly designed and developed learning management system can facilitate administrative functions, data collection, reports, analysis, and how education is delivered. Most businesses prefer LMSs because it enhances employee training, makes onboarding convenient, and helps make team building activities more efficient.

Centralized Training

Self Paced Learning


Saves Time

Cost Reduction


Reduced Training Costs

Numerous conventional learning ways demand a lot of time, but they also waste money in the form of training days, instructor fees, training materials, conference hall, and the list continues. Adopting LMS can cut all these costs by taking everything online.

Centralized Training

With LMS, managing the training course becomes convenient and centralized. All the materials, content, and data can be comprehensively kept in one place. Moreover, the courses can be quickly accessed by learners at any point in time.

Automation & Reporting

Be it education, employee orientation, knowledge retention, or employee training, its organization and reporting have always been a pain point. With LMS you can automate the training process and get hands-on reports of course advancements, completion rate, and much more.

Diverse Industries Are Embracing The Power Of LMS

LMS doesn’t only cater to the education industry but can be leveraged by startups, mid-size companies, large enterprises, non-profit organizations, or corporate training centers operating in diverse industries. You can use LMS as an asset for any organization of any size, purpose, and financial capability.

Employee Training

Any company aims at investing in training their employees to stay successful and competitive. With a customized LMS, employees can be trained and motivated to increase work efficiency.

Sales Training

Bringing Sales brings value to any team and the company. Organizations with extensive sales teams require training them, LMS can help realize it in the most convenient yet efficient way possible.

Operations Training

To handle proper company operations, any operations manager have to deal with the tough task of maintaining its regular functioning. Adopting LMS can help them ease this tedious task.

Compliance Training

The HR department can understand the importance of providing compliance training and awareness to employees of an organization. Having an LMS can help automate the recurring process with every new joiner.

Service & Support Training

Are you into the support business or service industry? Implementing a learning management system for you can help in automating any crucial or technical assistance around your product or service.

Supplier Training

Gain consistency by strategically managing your suppliers. Train them to meet your expectations for mutual success. Leave no gray areas around the processes or policies; achieve mutual success with LMS.

Why choose SoftGrid for Learning Management System?

With a skilled team of expert developers, we can help you build a custom LMS for your company or institution, addressing your specific needs. Leverage the knowledge and expertise of our specialists in the e-learning domain right now to add the below features in your LMS:

  • Gamification
  • QuizzesCommunication
  • Speech Processing
  • Analytics
  • Monetization
  • Mobile Version
  • Compliance
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Integrated Virtual Classroom
  • Collaborative Learning Tools

Find Out The Ways How LMS Can Help You
Your Procedures

Let our experts guide you through how customized LMS software can help you in managing training sessions and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Companies worldwide have moved towards learning programs to increase their employees' engagement, productivity, and retention. Companies want to have excellent learning management software to provide effective corporate training programs. Learning management systems have proved to be beneficial for companies of all sizes.

Know how beneficial LMS for companies:

LMS Improves Learning

1, Keeps Track of Learning
2, Reminds You About Retraining
3, Provides Real-time Reporting
4, Offers On-demand Learning
5, Allows Any Time, Anywhere Learning

LMS Benefits Your Organization

1, Strengthen Your Employees' Performance
2, Speeds The Process Of Training
3, Reduces Cost
4,Can Conduct Training At Any Locations
5, Everyone Can Attend The Training

We provide a wide range of LMS development services, and our team of experts provides the best solutions for all kinds of requirements. We are naming the top development services that we offer, but you can contact us for any LMS development requirement, and we will provide you with the best solutions.

We offer these services:

Custom LMS Development
LMS UI UX Design
Blended Learning Solutions
LMS Plugin Development
LMS Migration and Integration
Support and Maintenance
LMS Cloud Solutions
Integrated Learning Management System

LMS can be beneficial for all types of businesses, irrespective of their size. LMS is a profitable deal for companies that want to provide better online training programs to their employees. There are many open-source LMS platforms with which these programs can be developed. So, from start-ups to large scale organizations, LMS can benefit everyone.

It depends on what kind of features you want to add to your training program, but commonly, the features given below are implemented in LMS:

Quizzes: You can add educational quizzes for the training purpose.
Gamification: Games that make the training program fun.
Monetization: Payments systems, subscription options can be added.
Analytics: Learning reports and other graphs for self-evaluation.
Communication: Live video, messaging for connecting with other members.

Our experienced LMS development team understands the requirements of the client and designs the development strategy accordingly. A unique and working plan is prepared according to the needs of each client. However, our team follows a basic planning course, and that is:

Analysis and Estimation

1, Business analysis and market research


1, Contract
2, Architecture
3, Design

Development and QA
Support and further development

NDA is one of the most primary actions that we perform before starting the project. Your privacy is our utmost responsibility. We understand it and follow it by heart. All your information and data will be kept secure and private and will never be left loose.

Stating the exact cost of the project is not possible at the moment because the price depends on the requirement and features of the LMS. Please contact our team, and we will be able to tell you the cost after complete evaluation. The same goes for time.

Below are a few main types of LMS:

Self-Hosted Learning Management System
Cloud-based Multi-tenant SaaS Learning Management System
Cloud based Learning Management System

Please contact us if you want to understand which type of LMS development will suit you.

We always follow a transparent ideology to keep trustworthy working ethics. We will share with you all the possible data and information to show our expertise and competency. We will, of course, share our previous case studies and data if asked.