Creating Impactful Social Media Apps

Crafting Social Media Apps that Engage and Thrive

When you are looking for social media management, you are looking for a company that specializes in understanding the customized preferences of each individual organization and building an application that could meet the company's and the user's business requirements.

Our team of developers at SoftGrid utilizes the latest and the most extensive range of tools to ensure that social applications, dating applications and social community development features are intuitively keyed on to the application in development and are filled with intuitive specifications and navigation features.

The world of Social media app development has gone beyond just one screen and with newer technologies being added to the mix year on year, it has become even more important to find an organization that focuses on massive return on investment and on building solutions that enhance your social media and online presence which in turn would drastically expand your business network.

Social Network Analytics Tool

Find yourself advance social analytics solutions to help you gather data from different social media websites along with the necessary requirement to analyse the data needed, to make accurate and well-informed business decisions. You can do this for clients across different platforms such as Apple, IOS, Windows and other known platforms.

Facebook Apps

The clientele and the demographic that you are going to receive through Facebook is going to be a lot more targeted and niche, as compared to other platforms. It is important to reach out to this population, using the correct strategies and the supporting applications.

Messaging Applications

Instant Messaging is something that is very easily accessible and becoming extremely popular amongst many platforms. Reach out to your customers through the messaging application across platforms.

Video Networking

Videos are the new photos. Giving yourself the opportunity to create videos across different platforms and seamless content distribution through different video channels is perhaps one of the most important applications for you to have.

Advanced Technology Solutions


When you talk about personalized customer experience, chatbots is the way to go. Build personalized and intuitive solutions with the help of chatbots and virtual assistants.


AI can become the bridge between users and brands and using it properly can create seamless communication between the two in real-time.


Making your social media application more transparent and perhaps more secure with the help of Blockchain technology can help create a fair reward system for the content builders and creators.

Augmented Reality

It is important to boost your application engagement and improve users’ connectivity through AR/VR camera effects and other similar features.

Some exciting features for your Social Media Application

There are some exciting features that are out there, that are meant to take your social media application development to the next level.

News Feed

With a fully functional and an up-to-date news feed, allow your users to stay updated.

Filters and Emojis

The world of Filters and Emojis contains some truly entertaining features such as adding text, geo stickers to any kind of live stories and posts and many such features.

Scheduling and sharing posts

Create and push more content. Your audience will come to expect posts at a specific time, and your post scheduler makes it more likely that you can make that happen.

Manage from creating ads to publishing the ads

To make, edit and analyze paid promotional campaigns. It easier to create and monitor ads campaigns across multiple advertising platforms.

Harnessing the power of social network platforms

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Technology Solutions

Sharing Stories

Users can basically share stories of their day, capturing important moments which will disappear in a limited period of time.

Audience analysis and Activity tracker

It is key to the business success. Make your target audience analysis data actionable. It makes better view and charts for posts and stories analytics, audience monitor, ads and campaigns.


Hashtags have become an important tool in finding for the right and relevant content and allows them to make more targeted searches.

Voice Recording

This is quite an interesting feature which allows users to record their voice and share it individually or in a group.

Our Portfolio Web Apps Developed

IKU Social is a SAAS based application that provides a platform to manage all your social media accounts in one place. Here you can plan and publish the content for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Telegram. All from one simple dashboard. Here one can edit and/or crop a photo or videos, apply filters, and schedule the post in less time. We have developed this application in Custom CMS using PHP/MySQL.We have also handled its complete frontend. We are still working on this application in enhancing the features and providing complete support and maintenance services to this.

Connectio is a great tool for users who run ads on Facebook. It makes Facebook ad targeting a lot easier. The project has several great features including A/B testing of ads, lead synchronization with your Autoresponders, and vice versa. The project heavily uses FB ad APIs and is approved by the Facebook team. Softgrid Computers team has been dedicatedly working on Connectio since the beginning and is fully responsible to manage all the application maintenance.

Floky is the easiest and fastest way to analyze data. It allows you to see where they click, mouse movements, and taps made from smartphones. You can analyze and identify the hot areas of your site, that is where users pause and click more. It also allows to set filters and observe the data with confidence. it optimizes and tests new landings to have a greater conversion with your funnel Softgrid Computers team has been dedicatedly working on this SaaS platform since the beginning and is fully responsible to manage all the applications.

Grabbi gives you all the tools you need to convert website visitors, generate leads, segment your audience, and drive sales - in one platform. Here you can edit and customize your widget, set your notification icon, title color, text, link, add personalization in your messages, etc. We have developed this application in Custom CMS using PHP/MySQL.We have also handled its complete frontend. We are still working on this application in enhancing the features and providing complete support and maintenance services to this.


Upviral was started with a small concept of page referral and point earning system but has now grown greatly with lots of viral marketing techniques converted to a handy tool. It includes several integrations of third-party APIs, an inbuilt drag and drops page builder system, etc. UpViral is a great platform to run viral giveaway campaigns through contests. Softgrid Computers team has been dedicatedly working on the UpViral SaaS platform since the beginning and is fully responsible to manage all the application maintenance.

This is another SAAS based social media-based application. Bunseki is used to analyze and monitor profile statistics of different social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and Pinterest. It is developed in puer PHP and MySQL. It has different features where one can subscribe to see detailed reports on their different social media accounts like monitoring the growth of the profiles by followers, posts, users followed, engagement, and much more and finally you will get progress and tracking of your favorite profiles every week through email. We have integrated highly ended APIs and have added our clean custom code for the enhancement. We are at Softgrid still working on new features additions and handling its maintenance and support.

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