Why is Magento the best choice for your ecommerce platform?

Magento has taken the ecommerce world by storm since 2008 and is developing at an unparalleled speed, serving small scale to large scale enterprises.

Magento is essentially a software application created to help you launch your own e-commerce store. This platform allows you to design and customize your own store while offering a wide range of options to increase the functionality of your store. This application is an end-to-end solution providing services such as transaction solutions, marketing tools such as SEO, inventory management and many more.

Magento’s entire management system is built on PHP and MySQL, which is compatible with Linux requiring zero investment in software licenses.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Magento, in a short span of time has paved the way for many other applications and today can safely be called the most popular e-commerce platform globally.

  • Extensive features such as content management system, layered navigation, theme designs, inventory management and many more
  • Open Source with a constantly expanding framework and increasing overall accessibility
  • Magento SEO efficiently managing page traffic, duplicate content, indexing and landing pages
  • Mobile-enriched to serve the best mobile user experience
  • Affiliation to Google services giving access to Google Analytics, Google Checkout, SEO

Magento Development

There are 3 pillars upon which you can build and manage your store on Magento and our team of highly experienced Magento developers takes care of that for you. We want to take the responsibility of developing your store from you so that you are left with the sole job of increasing and improving your business.

Magento Store Development:

Our team of developers is well-equipped to develop your Magento store, whether it is a single store or multiple stores. Our Magento store development stack covers the following:

  • Designing, developing and maintaining your store
  • Store customization
  • Store Integration with Magento Features
  • Data Migration to your store
  • Best shopping cart tools and plug-ins
  • Magneto store API development
Magento Theme Design:

We have to understand that half of your website visitors would mostly be checking in through their smart-phones. In order to cater to this population, it is important to have a responsive Magento design.

  • We ensure the most adaptable store design meeting all the Magento store features’ expectations and product page layouts.
  • We understand the need for a global presence and our team works towards meeting that criterion by understand the pulse of the people and creating intuitive designs.
  • Our design templates are holistic and includes all sizes and resolutions for different digital devices
  • Our development team and design works on simple frameworks such as HTML and CSS that enables easy modification
  • All our themes are Search Engine optimized and we are up-to-date with changing trends and customer preferences.
Magento Module Development:

Modules are perhaps one of the most important aspects of your store creation. Accurate development can make it simpler for Magento to understand how your module interacts. We create a Magento module that is robust and ensures seamless growth for your organization.

  • Latest plug-ins, extensions and components at our disposal to customize your modules making it easy to integrate into Magento’s innovative services.
  • Enhanced ability to integrate and get integrated with third party tools with API
  • Creating SEO friendly code to improve ranking in search engine page
  • Integrating payment gateways for easy and smooth checkout
  • Robust and secure infrastructure for coding with a 0% chance of error.
  • Robust and secure infrastructure for coding with a 0% chance of error.