Magento Development

Now give your E-Commerce platform the combination of rich, out-of-the-box functionality that enhances
the performance of your business by letting you manage the growing customer demands.


Experience & Qualifications – Applied Knowledge

As a professional with the experience and knowledge of Magento we will help you to get the best of both worlds; experience and qualifications.

Search Engine Optimization – The Best Rankings

We are experts in designing eCommerce platforms that SEO for a higher ranking in search engines as well as creating visibility that brings traffic to your website.

Technical Assistance – No Compromise

For a successful eCommerce website, perfect time management, and knowledge prerequisites. We at SoftGrid are swift that need to be taken in case things go wrong.

Research – True Power

We add value to the team and perform more than just developers; we understand the dynamics of your competition and will troubleshoot the errors on the websites.

Risks – Eliminated

At SoftGrid we possess the knowledge that is enough to safeguard your business against malicious objects such as viruses and threats. Magento as a platform is great when it comes to security and presence because of its dynamic structure.

Quality of Work

SoftGrid ensures that only quality techniques and technologies are being used for your Magento development in utilization on the part of your web ventures.



This is the first step that we take before starting the app development process. In this stage, we focus on the requirement analysis to understand the focus points of our clients.


The next step that goes into app development is designing the entire project cycle. All the standard parameters are decided and the project schedule is done.


In this stage, the application is built using coding. SWIFT is the programming language which is used to develop the IOS application.


Testing of the built modules is performed simultaneously along with the development. This phase ensures the proper integration of various modules of the application.


The final product is deployed in this phase. This is the final step of the application development process and ensures the proper functioning of the application in real time.


We provide the support that is necessary for the application to run flawlessly. We also ensure the application optimization in case of any modification required by the client.


Advanced Search

Magento Enterprise Edition is equipped with advanced search rules that deliver the results your customers expect. Magento Elastic search comes with powerful features such as Quick auto-complete and automatic suggestion for better user experience.

Advanced Targeting and Segmentation tools

This feature that allows you to dynamically display content and promotions targeted to specific customers groups. These are based on attributes such as customer address, order history, shopping cart contents and so on.

Advanced Merchandising and Promotion

It is very important to show your customers the right products and promotions. This will help to increase the chances of making a sale. Thus, merchandising and promotion are great tools to increase conversion rates.

Advanced Content Management

Magento includes drag-and-drop content management capability that comes along with staging and preview features; this allows content creators to build content and get it approved without involving a developer.

B2B Support

Magento’s B2B functionality includes requisition lists, negotiated pricing, quotes, corporate accounts, and product exclusivity. These features allow you to focus on customizing the features that are unique to your business operation.

Multi-tasking Ability

An E-commerce platform developed on Magento gives you the multi-tasking ability that is required to be exhibited while dealing with a large number of customers.

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