Through optimization and automation of the Facebook Ads, Connectio.io offers the most powerful Facebook marketing tools that every business should be using.

These affordable tools from Connectio.io can be used by businesses of any size and category to make the most out of Facebook Ads.

Features like Autoresponder Synchronization and Campaign Retargeting are hard to find in the form of user-friendly tools that are offered by Connectio.io.

A free trial for up to 14 days is offered by Connectio.io to let you test the tools before signing up for a longer-term.

Our Involvement

Several years ago when the blueprint idea for Connectio.io came into life, the authorities dedicated their ideal website developer will be Softgrid. A minimal-themed stunning website had been developed by the in-house experts that perfectly balanced with the category of service. The server management duties are efficiently performed by Softgrid to let the website function in optimal condition 24/7. Any slight design or features change requirements in Connectio.io platform are also carried out by Softgrid with routine maintenance checks.


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