It has been a decade since DRS Agent Network was formed in 2008 and since then the organization has grown all across the United States.

Every trained agent remains deeply active with the local medical communities so that interconnectivity within the healthcare industry remains always enhanced.

Purchase and sale of a house become an easy process when an executive from DRS Agent Network is assigned to carry out the real estate process in the fastest way.

The medical practitioner just needs to film up a short form with the basic details and they would get matched with the perfect vetted agent for finding a new home

Our Involvement

DRS Agent Network needed to be omnipresent across the United States to get easily connected with Doctors in need of a real-estate agent. A cutting-edge web application was the solution that had features like advanced scalability and optimum performance. Softgrid was the ideal choice for the task and the portal of the DRS Agent Network got established digitally by the hands of IT professionals at Softgrid. Keeping the Doctor's professional time bounds in consideration the web application has been made super user-friendly that lets the doctors immediately start with the purpose after visiting. The DRS Agent Network applications are still maintained in perfect shape by the Softgrid authority. Besides this, as the website involves crucial and necessary data inputs, the servers need to be strongly maintained which are also monitored by Softgrid with Subdued alertness.


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