The website of Bobby Chung’s Immigration firm has an entire section consisting of video tips for understanding the entire E2 visa requirements and process.

Anyone can reach out directly to the experienced firm by phone number and also the simple contact form can be easily filled out at the homepage of E2 Visa Lawyer.

Every single query from the clients is solved with urgency and regular contact is maintained by the firm of Bobby Chung with all the clients for case progress reporting.

The attorneys at Bobby Chung’s firm are legally authorized to serve in all 50 states and they can even help foreign clients not present anywhere in the US.

Our Involvement

The firm of pioneer Bobby Chung had granted the responsibility of creating their web application on Softgrid and we have executed that responsibility with wholehearted devotion. The website needed to be packed in information so creating an exemplary organized interface was more of a challenge that only experienced professionals like at Softgrid would be able to delicately implement. The website also has a unique design on the front-end and graphics that send a professional message.


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