Floky platform lets any user try out the website analysis for free and acknowledges how beneficial it can be for any digital business.

The compelling tools for Heatmap portrayal and Funnel tools for KPI data filtering are innovative and indispensable tools for every business.

This productive Floky portal lets you add any number of team members for effective collaboration.

The analytical programs in Floky can be claimed as the quickest scripts on the market that run at 122 ms speed.

Our Involvement

Softgrid has been considered the ideal IT company by the Italian business of Floky.io for customizing an attractive and advanced web application. The owners of floky.io also had the requisition for deploying additional features into the existing website and this has been smoothly carried out by the software feature integration specialists at Softgrid. The website has a minimal and stunning front-end design that improves the engagement quotient and even offers escalated conversion rates.


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