The Locumbay website homepage has a counting meter for Jobs available and for the number of Locum Pharmacists who are registered with Locumbay.

The web platform also has a Forum section where Locum Pharmacists can start a community conversation and find suitable answers.

Locum and Pharmacy registration can be completed just in a couple of minutes with basic details.

Locumbay is presently the most popular and reliable Locum Booking portal in the United Kingdom.

Our Involvement

Locumbay has founders comfortably relied on Softgrid to build an innovative web application for the Locum Pharmacy sector. After vigorous research into the Industry IT specialists at Softgrid has fabricated the ideal platform that was required. The Locumbay portal has been created on an oversimplified design and interface structure so that Locum Pharmacists can immediately apply without facing complications. Softgrid was also given the responsibility to set up the Locumbay application on Google Cloud. The Cloud experts present at Softgrid efficiently completed the task with reflective satisfaction for the Locumbay founders.


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