NorthWestern clinic provides highly advanced microsurgical breast reconstruction procedures with a free-tissue transfer mechanism- also known as SIEA and DIEP flaps.

The organization was founded by two award-winning plastic surgeons, Dr. Neil Fine and Dr. Clark Schierle.

The specialists at North Western clinics dedicate one-third of their time to building better procedures and analyzing research data to enhance breast cancer reconstruction.

The doctors and specialists at the Chicago locations of Northwestern clinic have several years of experience in conducting surgery and reconstruction procedures.

Our Involvement

The Surgeons have kept faith in Softgrid for deploying a personalized website with every single feature just as required. The interface and structure of the website have been designed by Softgrid professionals with extensive research into the Healthcare and Medical Industry. All the sub-segments of the website like templates, Menus, Gallery, Forms and even Resources are customized ideally as desired by the professional doctors. The web portal for Northwestern Plastic surgery has been developed by Softgrid as a CMS-based premium web solution.


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