The website offers a Free Trial of 14 days to every person to actually test out the simplistic process of website creation.

The websites created at Shopvii have a feature of infinite scalability that lets you add any number of products and pages.

Shopvii provides SSL certificates to each brand website without any kind of extra payments.

The websites are always launched user-friendly and device-friendly lets anyone smoothly carry out intensive shopping through their mobile phones.

Our Involvement

Right from the first digital brick, shopvii has been entirely built by the SaaS professionals at Softgrid. This innovative platform had divergent requirements from any conventional web application project and thus required intense testing of frameworks and integrations in all steps. The ultimate dashboard from which the user will be able to have complete control of their own website required multiple features concerning the order management and website alterations, even after being much more complicated to build, the softgrid professionals had the ideal methodologies for proper execution. The maintenance of the shopvii platform along with server corrections is also carried out by separate divisions at Softgrid.


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