Along with Slim Target products, every client receives the benefits of a 30 days Nutritional Program for free.

The nutritional supplements provided by Slim Target are made with 100% natural ingredients.

An innovative triple-action program is hosted by Slim Target that involves customized coaching, selective nutritional supplements and a personalized nutritional plan.

Slim Target has super express delivery that ensures product delivery between 48-72 hours all over the world.

Our Involvement

Softgrid has developed the endearing web application for Slim Target and tailored every corner design with industry innovation. The company being highly unique was developed with the same approach of uniqueness by Softgrid and this is why Slim Target wonderfully stands out in the category of their service. The vital database application for the Slim Target brand has also been set up by the professionals at Softgrid. For any platform related to the Healthcare sector like Slim Target, for them, the database needs to have all state-of-the-art features for data protection and organized storage.


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