The chocolates provided by The Binge have extreme Freshness as they prepare in small batches and do not make use of any harsh preservatives.

The Binge integrates modern Italian Machinery along with Artisan techniques for Handcrafting Chocolate. The ingredients are sourced locally and internationally, but no compromise is made with the quality.

This is the only Brand Offering 12 exclusive Flavours of Bonbons in a single box. The Bonbons from Binge are even hand-shelled and individually mold polished.

The founder is a Ph.D. in 'Chocolates and Confectionary' and explored the global Chocolate Market giving this Brand an exclusive edge over any other business in this Category.

Our Involvement

Founder-Mahek Sugandh and the building team of The Binge had found Softgrid to be the ideal firm for developing their brilliant Web Solution. The Softgrid web developers along with the whole team from other departments concentrated on the special category of Binge's Business. The Website has a minimalistic premium vibe which resonates with the Chocolates. From the Menu bar of the homepage every product can be found just with a click or two, chocolate cravings require a superior-performance website and that has been perfectly deployed by Softgrid. The Best Sellers are always running on a digital conveyor belt right at the homepage, Softgrid has also equipped them with a direct purchase icon.


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