It has been more than a decade since the Uptown Real Estate company has been operating in Austin and making people’s lives easier.

Rarely such an advanced real-estate company like Uptown can be found that hosts an advanced website with available property details.

Uptown Realty allows easy payments through its website that eradicates other complicated mediums of payment.

There is an exclusive helpline medium for talking to a professional agent from Uptown Realty. Just by filling in some basic details, you can place a request to view properties that caught your attention.

Our Involvement

Softgrid was chosen by Uptown Realty as the ideal IT leader for building a supercharged website that would have utmost performance with multiple search constraints and property details. The prime functions of the Uptown web application would be hosting incredible real-estate properties and providing a quick reach-out interface. Softgrid had to craft the ideal software solution so that every visitor to the platform could quickly find a property of ideal choice or even make the property selling process in Austin much easier. Just from the homepage, a new visitor can fulfill every real estate need in Austin, Texas.


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