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Why SaaS application development

Software as a Service or SaaS is a software distribution model, using which we host customer software or applications over the cloud and it is made available for approved end-users.

It makes manageable to deliver new functionalities for all customers, all at once. Our SaaS projects find high acceptance by end users. They are deployed quicker and upfront costs are mitigated. Trust our SaaS application development services to bring in a measurable difference to your brand with simplification of operations which makes work processes efficient.


Say goodbye to the headaches of software development, set up and maintenance with our offerings. We as a saas development consulting provider focus on end-to-end solutions that empower businesses to focus on what they do best, while we handle the technical details.
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SaaS Application Consulting

We help companies turn their SAAS ideas into workable products. We talk and learn more about the ideal methodology and technologies to come up with your own SaaS platform. Our group of seasoned SaaS consultants will guide you through ideation to delivery.

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SaaS Application Development

We use best of the scrum for handling work with an emphasis on flexible applications development that can be scaled for future upgrades. SaaS solutions developed by Softgrid can help accelerate your business value and achieve greater performance. We're ready to support you from design and development to deployment and maintenance.

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Multi-Tenant Architecture

Multi-tenancy is the approach that allows sharing of single application infrastructure and the business logic leveraged across all users. We help software vendors in preparation and constructing highly secure and powerful multi-tenant architecture within their SaaS platform.

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Third-Party Integration

We enable third-party integrations for your SaaS apps, and also help select the options that appeal to the target audience, integrate seamlessly and are logical for your app. By mitigating the expenditure of time and money, our third-party integrations build upon pre-existing resources.

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Mobile Applications

SaaS is the best choice for creating business-based mobile apps, owing to their higher levels of service delivery automation. Business-based mobile apps that we create over SaaS feature simplifies system upgrades. They have no space-breach issues and are affordable and easy to maintain.

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Technology Migration

We do a migration of SaaS applications to an entirely different technology from the existing technology stack. A migration to cloud based SaaS applications boosts flexibility, minimizes costs and reduces time to market.

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SaaS for your industry

Research analysts forecast a growth estimation of $55 billion by 2026. Research firms estimates that by 2026, about a half of organizations in emerging regions will be running their core CRM systems via SaaS. You need to be prepared for it! We are saas application development company willing to become a true part of project and will gradually work on the maintenance, development, and extension of your SaaS product.

We develop:

  • Cloud ERP, CRM and BI platforms
  • SaaS e-Commerce solutions
  • Enterprise web portals
  • Healthcare cloud applications
  • Fintech applications
  • Marketing tools

SOFTGRID - Leading SaaS Application Development Company

We come by as a reliable and versatile partner for SaaS application development and create best in the class, sustainable and flawless SaaS apps that meet your requirements in the finest of ways.

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Cost Effective

75% of IT budget typically goes for maintaining and running existing systems and software infrastructure. We run SaaS apps at our back-end infrastructure, saving upon Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for clients.

Rapid Deployment

With fast deploying SaaS apps, project turnaround times are quicker and the apps deliver prime functionality while being persistently worked upon. Technical expertise for deploying the apps is then not required.

Enhanced Teamwork

We create customized tools on SaaS apps to facilitate teamwork and collaboration amongst teams and departments, and also integrate requisite third party tools seamlessly within your apps. Search functionality is more powerful.

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Simple to Use

SaaS apps that we deliver have a functionality that is easy to understand and implement. Their performance is top notch and downtimes stay at an absolute minimum. Maintenance procedures are efficient and implemented fast.

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Mobility & Scalability

We create responsive and scalable SaaS apps wherein new functionalities can be added to meet business requirements. They perform well across platforms and your data stays secure and consistent at all times.

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Geo-Specific Hosting

Our expertise lies in creating, deploying and maintaining multi-region apps. We enable Geo-specific hosting of SaaS apps while keeping agility levels high and ensuring that the apps stay responsive for each market.

Technologies We Use to
Develop SaaS Applications

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