Emerging Mobile Technology Is Changing Healthcare

The mobile technology advancement is a deeply change the way healthcare providers operate. Almost every second person has a Smartphone that is constantly connected to the internet and is capable of running health applications. The adoption rate of mHealth technology is strengthening the development of telecommunication technology that serves the patient for quality care. People and healthcare providers have turned to use more and more health applications. Mobile applications in healthcare are changing to another level to connect patients and specialists with one touch. It can be used to remind the patient to take their medication on time. It also can manage patients’ health records and send them electronically to a doctor or health specialist.

Mobile technology allows the doctor to real-time patient monitoring so that they can be alert to any problem. Even patients can monitor chronic disease and health fitness, and they can share the collected data with their specialist. Doctors use a mobile device to check patient records, updates chart, and take notes during an appointment as well as they can consult with other specialists to share photos and questions. As physicians are moving from paper to mobile technology, it provides real-time convenience, improves productivity, increases efficiency, and enhanced accuracy in improved healthcare at a lower cost.

Improve Doctor-Patient Communication

The patient needs to be connected with their physician, and it begins with quality interaction. Healthcare providers and hospitals are investing in mobile technology to allow doctors and nurses access to EHR (Electronic health records) that directly connect patients. It simply means patients and doctors can spend more time face-to-face with EHR that provides quality meetings and personalized patient care. The electronic health record is a secure portal to exchange the data and many healthcare providers are providing text-messaging facilities. It empowers the patient to take quick action, it manages the person who is sitting for an appointment, monitors the side effect of medication or counseling with a doctor.

EMR allows the patient to ask question or clarification when the patient has forgotten in the clinic and reach their home. The mobile technology is more effective and user friendly and has the potential to improve implementation from top to end. Mobile device sensors provide many features to improve patient health such as blood pressure limit, monitoring medication dosage, blood sugar level, Diet and exercise measurement, and sleep pattern. Even patients with a heart problem can share information about their heart rate with a specialist via Smartphone. This is the reason patients and physicians are turned to mobile technology to monitor their health and receive treatment before any major problem.

Remote Monitoring Reduce Cost

The remote monitoring analytic platform provides the facility to track their patient and monitor the condition at their home. The remote patient monitoring system is designed for a long-term patient who is suffering from chronic illness and mental health. The solution is mobile-based remote monitoring is reducing the patient hospitalization stay and change the healthcare environment where hospitalization fess is very expensive. It does not only reduce cost but also improved efficiency, productivity, and provide the highest quality of care possible at the minimum fees. Patients can receive complete self-assessment in their mobile and the information on self-assessment synchronized in real-time with the clinical web portal.

RPM system can identify early warning signs in all active patients. By the way, clinicians use this system every morning; it can inform them which patients need immediate care. After viewing the report, physicians can determine which patient needs to be called for an emergency appointment or need a regular check-up. The healthcare provider can saw the reduction charge per patient is approx USD 92,317 over the six months of period. Biometrics wearable and Smartphone devices are providing better patient care and reducing readmission through discharge interventions. Finally, remote patient monitoring may involve clinic knowledge and help the patient to take immediate decision wherever needed.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

The mobile application empowers the health industry to smooth out their work process and reduce the cost. Hospitals and doctors are using many applications and mobile devices to exchange data, improve clinical decisions, access clinical research, and medical education. Physicians can use Electronic health record mobile solutions to access patient records anywhere or anytime. The EHRs system can secure data and be updated with patient information that prevents medication error and improves better care outcomes. With digital technologies, healthcare facilities are turning to give a high quality of care to patients with a greater rate of accuracy.

The mobile technology relieves the burden of healthcare providers and helps to manage patient data and automated workflows without errors. Even this can help to ensure accurate drug administration and sample collection for healthcare providers. The mobile device can be used for speed patient admission, laboratory information, and electronic health record system. The electronic health record system empowers the medical coding specialist-even practice manager and others to work from home along with this improves productivity and efficiency. However, the growth of mobile users is increasing but it does not affect the security risk of any users.


The mobile device technology is connecting patients to healthcare providers to deliver high-quality care. Even it allows doctors to better patient engagement under their care and helps patients to access care anywhere or anytime. Moreover, there are wide ranges of consumer-facing mobile apps that deliver proper medication to the patient. Mobile technology can promote collaboration; counseling and it can share information globally. With mobile technology, experts can connect and consult with each other to learn and share information in real-time.

Healthcare providers can take advantage through mobile technology to obtain accurate information about the patient and to provide end-to-end healthcare processes. This advantage across the health industry will be involved with accuracy, efficiency, cost-saving, and productivity, but the most effective advantage is a better medical treatment for patients.

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