How to secure your Business from Cyber-Attack

Cyber-attacks are no longer confined to just privacy and data breach as hackers have realized that it is far more profitable to attack a business’s daily operations and render it inoperable.

There have been many findings that have suggested that even businesses with not too sensitive personal information are investing rather heavily on cyber insurance as a lot of the key components of their business are now prone to cyber-attack. We are talking about key functions such as manufacturing, logistics, supply chain, the distribution which is now all vulnerable to cyber-attack.

In order to install the necessary precautions, it is first essential to identify the security vulnerabilities which could cause significant harm to your business. Let us look at some of the areas where you are most prone to be attacked.

Software Security Update:

Cyber-attackers are usually searching for any kind of unpatched or out-dated software which could become an entry door to damaging any other vulnerable software. It is important to have a software update policy for all your hardware including all personal devices such as your mobile phones or tablets. It is also imperative to only use software for which updates are still being provided.

Eliminating the use of Unnecessary Services:

You should only be employing those network services which are absolutely necessary and the ones that are meant for local consumption should not be exposed to the internet. This is the right step in reducing the number of ways an attacker might compromise your software on your system.

Decommissioning or Removing Softwares or Services:

When you are sitting on old hardware or software and wondering what to do with it, you should be eliminating it from your system altogether. It is important to decommission these services and ensure that the decommissioning has been successful.

Securing your password:

There are certain reports that have suggested that there are certain “hashing” and “salting” techniques which are designed to increase the security of passwords. Even otherwise, you should be using complicated and long passwords in order to secure the safety of your system.

“Structured Query Language” Injection:

This language commonly referred to as “Structured Query Language” is a type of programming language that is mainly designed for any kind of data-driven software. This has been created specifically for the programming world and contains a type of hacking technique that distorts flaws in the programming code. While you’re doing this, it is also imperative to consider independent security testing periodically in order to identify any kind of programming issues.

Undisclosed or inappropriate locations for processing your data:

It is important to ensure that you have a solid IT infrastructure for where and how your personal data is processed and stored. It is important that you apply specific access restrictions wherever it is necessary. While you are doing this, it is also important to ensure that your network has a regular backup system in place and there are also measures that are keeping the continuity of the business in check.

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