Why using PWAs Can be Good for Small Businesses and Startups?

Why using PWAs Can be Good for Small Businesses and Startups?

Nowadays, it is quite hard to get things accomplished smoothly and live amidst comfort in using the internet. However, the means of accessing the web and using numerous online services keep changing with time. Nowadays, people rely mostly on tablets and smartphones for accessing the web rather than bulky computers. Even those who use mobile devices have the option to pick from regular websites and mobile apps. Now, a third option is also present-namely the PWAs- or Progressive web applications.

What are the PWAs, and why are businesses embracing these apps?

PWAs are a hybrid between regular websites and mobile apps-benefitting the end-users, eventually. The PWAs are made using well-known web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. They run on almost any web browser and offer the advantages of both mobile apps and regular websites. A lot of technology giants, e-commerce retailers, and social media companies are using PWAs these days. Progressive web & Mobile App Development, however, can be beneficial for small-sized ventures too.

The benefits small businesses and start-ups can obtain by using PWAs

Listed here are the major benefits of using PWAs and how these would benefit the SMBs:

  • Quick loading- Compared to regular websites and apps, PWAs have a faster loading time. PWAs rely on device-level caching and so the load time is significantly reduced. The end-users can access the app UI quicker. This ensures the users do not get irritated, which happens when sites load slowly.
  • Offline mode is there- This is one more reason for small businesses to use PWAs. Internet connectivity has improved a lot in the last few years. Yet, there are regions where network coverage is flimsy. Loading regular apps and websites can be hard in those places. However, PWAs work offline too. This can be good for SMBs as the customers can access the apps and services anytime, anywhere. It helps in enhancing the brand image.
  • Fast home icon access- Accessing the PWAs fast through home page icons is a smooth process. After the fast download, the icons get placed in the device’s home screen or UI. One tap or click is enough to launch the PWA. The users are able to customize the app icon look to an extent. However, it is necessary to hire a reliable Progressive web app development company to get such apps developed in the best manner.
  • Push Notification alert- The PWAs come with support for Push Notifications. This enables businesses to send promotional offers or reminders to their customers. Push notifications work better than promotional emails or calls. 
  • Faster checkout and payments- People who buy products and services online prefer a hassle-free checkout process with integrated online payment options. PWAs score well in this regard. These hybrid apps come embedded with a simple payment processing system. The web payment functionality used in these apps makes use of the stored address. The checkout is simpler and faster. The top Progressive web app developers India can help you deploy multiple online payment gateways in the apps.
  • Lower Development Cost- Small-sized businesses have monetary limitations, and they do not want to spend a huge amount after website or app development. The same logic is applicable to maintenance. Maintaining and developing PWAs is cheaper than regular websites. It is also more cost-effective than developing platform-specific mobile apps. When you develop a PWA for your small venture, there is no need to pay for two apps separately. 
  • No approval from app stores- When you get mobile apps developed either for the App store of apple and Google Play store, obtaining approval from the brands is necessary. Apple or Google has the right to reject your app for various reasons. This can be owing to norm compliance or security adherence issues,etc. This is not the case with the PWAs. You can release the app after it is developed and tested thoroughly. 
  • No revenue sharing- When you develop mobile apps either for iOS and Android platforms, a part of revenue earned through the app-based purchases goes to these companies. That does not happen when you get a PWA developed for your small venture. You are able to keep revenues to yourself. 
  • No manual update- After installing a PWA in his/her device, a user can keep on using it, and there is no need to update the app manually. This is an issue for users who have too many apps on their devices, and updating each app manually becomes a headache! The PWAs get updated minus user intervention in the background. It is simple for the users. 
  • Less space required- The PWAs are inherently built with smaller footprints than regular mobile apps. You may have seen some mobile apps take up hundreds of MBs in space, and each update adds to app size. This is less of an issue with the PWAs. Some of the popular PWAs have less than 1 MB footprint-which is amazing! People, who have a space crunch on their mobile devices, appreciate PWAs over regular apps. 
  • Low resource requirement- For a majority of SMBs, the target customers belong to the lower-middle-class income group. These users do not typically use high-end mobile devices with beefy hardware. PWAs run easily on low-end devices, network congestion notwithstanding. So, the brands are able to remain accessible to the majority of target buyers. 

So, how can the small venture owners embrace PWAs?

If, as a small business owner, you already have a website, getting a PWA made is not tedious. You will have to hire a suitable Progressive web app development company in India. Such an agency can create a PWA from the existing website, or it can be developed from scratch too. It can then be made available for download from the main brand website. The entire process should not take much time, and there is no need to apply for approval as such.

Picking the right company for PWA development

Ensure that you hire a suitable agency for developing PWA for your small venture. When comparing such agencies, you have to assess the below-listed factors well.

  • Track record and reputation of the agency developing the PWA.
  • The client base of the company.
  • Feedback and reviews of its client entities.
  • Portfolio of the company. You should check the PWAs made by it for speed, functionality, and ease of usage.
  • The response that was obtained from the company.

Summing it up

Using a PWA can be advantageous for any business nowadays. These hybrid apps combine the best of websites and mobile apps in one form. However, The PWAs bring small businesses even more benefits as they are able to cater to the needs of their target users better through such apps. In any case, it is necessary to hire a suitable PWA developer. 

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