Doctor Are Using Telehealth to Reduce COVID-19 Epidemic

Coronavirus is an epidemic disease that is spreading in the community and disrupting people’s lives. People are wary of taking either themselves or the family to the doctor clinic for fear of transmission of novel Coronavirus. Doctors are using telehealth to control the disease and treat the patient around the world. As per the World Health Organization, people over the age of 60 are at higher risk to infect with coronavirus. Without a vaccine, social distancing, and staying at home is the only option to slow the spread of coronavirus, even many healthcare providers are moving to the online medical consultations app.

Telehealth is a digital technology that provide telecommunication, videoconferencing, and remote patient monitoring between doctor and patient.  While the technology has existed for year but it is being overused due to coronavirus as, people have to maintain social distancing and receive treatment. It helps to reduce the spread of the virus by supporting home care for people and other medical conditions so they can get the care without going to the hospital. Moreover, the technology possible to cost-saving virtual visits, have to lead to a surge in its popularity. Telehealth increase the flexibility and accessibility throughout the medical industry, it is one of the best tools to fight against COVID-19.

Telehealth Video Conferencing for Remote Care

Telehealth has the ability to unite several medical organizations into one virtual network and now the video conferencing industry has gain traction during the coronavirus outbreak. As the health industry and government organization are taking initiative for using video conferencing software to connect with remote workers, customers, patients, and employees at the same time, it prevents direct contact with the people. Anyone can use the devices from computer to Smartphone, to connect and participate in audio/ video conferencing sessions and exchange information.

The healthcare specialist cannot stay in more than one place at a time but healthcare video conferencing provide them this facility. Moreover, video conferencing facilities provide expert opinion to patients who cannot travel or far away from care need. It has many advantages such as keeping patient safety, improving access care, cutting healthcare cost, etc. it also offers own type of personal and lighthearted or even heart-warming connection. Coronavirus patients can find quality care at home through the telehealth video-conferencing application.

Using Chatbot to Fight Against Coronavirus

Healthcare chatbots have been on the market for some time but they have certainly never been as needed as they are today during the coronavirus outbreak. Digital health innovators have risen to the occasion to help address these challenges by making COVID-19 specific chatbots. It supports the fight against the epidemic and many vendors are providing coronavirus chatbots at low cost. Chatbots offer services such as scheduled appointments, location healthcare facilities, and encouraging clinical trials. Artificial intelligence chatbot is using for patient diagnosis and self-care at-home. During the COVID-19 outbreak, patients need self-treatment to reduce the spread of disease and burden on the healthcare provider.

A chatbot can check patient symptoms and asking the same screening question to the doctor to rule out the conditions. Natural language processing application is used to check patient symptom and provides the need for treatment. It helps to narrow down potential causes with heightened accuracy. According to WHO (world health organization), the chatbots are safe and authentic tools to navigate patient health. Even people don’t hesitate to use a chatbot for basic customer support and many of them use chatbots to discuss sensitive medical information. Artificial intelligence chatbots improve and increasingly mainstream, chatbots and doctors working together could be a reality. Chatbots helps patient to reaching out their doctor and sharing intimate details about their health over video.

Mobile Health (mHealth) Service

mHealth service is making efforts to reduce COVID-19 transmission. This effectiveness is serving as promising for patients who can receive high-quality care while saving their time and physical space. Mobile health applications give access to doctor that check number of patient and treated appropriately. mHealth services can be used by both doctor and patient to schedule an appointment either at the medical center or in homes and make healthcare consultation seems effortless. Mobile health has established for the great measure to back up medical distancing.  

The applications can be used intelligently to bring the healthcare setting right to your home and the patient can get medication continuously without spending extra amounts on other healthcare staff. It provides video, messaging facilities for their patient, and empowers them to participate in treatment for ongoing consultation. Now all coronavirus patients can complete their screening process and learn about the disease that they are infected, and receive immediate treatment.  


Now many telehealth applications are designed for healthcare professionals and the public to know about the disease, maintain communication, and allow better strategic planning to fight against viruses. Due to coronavirus, Telehealth is extending their services to help doctors and patients to build an immunity system against COVID-19; it helps to prevent any further spreading. In the wake of this pandemic, Telehealth services are a good option for the patient to secure protection at the earliest because no one knows when and how the health emergency will end. Every country in the world is doing its best to fight with coronavirus and people are requested to remain in home quarantine because telehealth undoubtedly offers convenient access to care. Telehealth is popular among people and the change occurred over a period of the last four-month is dramatic.

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