Telemedicine Can Be The Game-Changer In Coronavirus Outbreak

Telemedicine has been in use for almost two decades but its adoption rate between people has been relatively very low. Now the coronavirus outbreak is pushing telemedicine to the forefront of the healthcare industry. The coronavirus epidemic is entering a new stage of global spread and millions of people around the world are infected and thousands of died. The COVID-19 outbreak has generated a frenzy of activity related to telemedicine. Telemedicine companies are in demand because payers are increasing coverage and healthcare system understands the importance of mobilization. The healthcare industry continues to evolve and manage the extraordinary needs of fighting the coronavirus crisis. Now primary care doctors and healthcare providers are adopting digital options to deliver patient care globally.

Telemedicine companies are taking steps for better patient care and allow patients to talk about their symptoms and decide if they need to be hospitalized. Telemedicine has a unique potential for remote screening and treatment and it has a powerful tool for reducing transmission of the disease between corona warrior and infected patient. The government is urging to use telemedicine technology to visit the doctor and the patient can take treatment through the application. Telemedicine can enhance medical facility in rural area populations. According to global market insights, the telemedicine market value was USD 45billion in 2019 and is expected to grow more than USD 175billion by 2026.

Technology Inertia and Innovation

Telemedicine is depend on healthcare providers; it can streamline and simplify the patient journey. Instead of coronavirus patients rushing to a hospital, some can alternatively receive the same services from e-treatment, e-diagnosis, e-prescription, and remote monitoring at their home. The use of cloud computing in healthcare does not require additional software development and the installation of expensive new hardware. There is a huge demand for telemedicine in every country in the COVID-19 epidemic and the government is supporting digital health technology.

Low Risk for Healthcare Provider

The corona warrior physicians are working selflessly on the ground for Covid-19 patients. The good news is telemedicine has emerged as a front line weapon against the coronavirus outbreak. Through the telemedicine application, doctor can identify the patient who is at high risk and low-risk group. Virtual consultation can reduce unnecessary visit and many older patients can schedule their appointment through tele-consultation to avoid a face-to-face visit. This reduces the risk of exposure to Covid-19.

 Tele-assessment and e-consultant also enable quarantine healthcare providers to work in their homes, increasing their security, and support the workforce during the crises of Covid-19. Moreover, patients are diagnosed in their home, doctor, and healthcare provider can track them through the remote screen, thus providing rapid access to RMPs (Registered Medical Practitioners) who may not be immediately available. This can prove hugely beneficial for the rural healthcare infrastructure specially when the COVID-19 case shifts from cities to villages. In fact, telemedicine provider companies ensure that the patient with coronavirus receive the care they need.

Data Sharing Process

The healthcare industry is very particular about their service so they provide important safety and privacy for patients and healthcare providers. Whatever the fatal situation occurs in an epidemic they take a chance to protect, seek people. Telemedicine companies are expanding for system network and VPN capacity to support increased telecommunicating and data sharing. They also provide an electronic health record system to collect data and create reporting around COVID-19 patients. It has the ability to draw the most accurate and real-time information about the 12milion member.

Physicians and healthcare providers have access to more data when the quality and effectiveness of care increases. It also provides the best application framework, medical ethics, data security, drug list, required document, and many more features. Real-time data analysis can help for appropriate treatment. Telemedicine companies are implementing the operational process to ensure smooth functioning, testing, data collection, and data sharing.

Telemedicine Reduce Burden on Healthcare Provider

Remote visits protect doctors and Patients and provide a safe and secure way to connect them. Patients can easily visit a doctor and get treatment by telemedicine app. It takes barely 10 minutes to allow physicians to assess patients, screen for signs of infectious infection, and document possible affected patients quickly and easily. Moreover, the doctor can see more patients, screen for the illness that required more attention and save time for going to the clinic.

Virtual visits are undoubtedly very effective in coronavirus outbreak, it provides access care, saves the time of providers and patients, It helps to provide care who needs it. Just as we are using telemedicine to fight coronavirus, it will also help fight flu season or many more diseases, Televisit Software will serve our community and us.


The Coronavirus epidemic poses a unique challenge to the healthcare provider. Video visits and secure messaging can be an effective tool for therapists and patients with mild symptoms who are staying indoors. Telemedicine reduces the spread of germs in many ways and helps the patient to seek medical care from home, save people to spreading the germ to others such as public transportation, clinic waiting room, and the healthcare provider who attend them.

Telemedicine can make a valuable contribution to Covid-19 screening, testing, and treatment effort. The telemedicine platform is the most effective and efficient way to protect public health and save lives. In the current scenario, telemedicine may turn out to be the fastest and cost-effective services, it not only bridge the rural-urban health divide but also manages coronavirus epidemic crises. This approach will help in increasing the telemedicine market and leave a deep impression.

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