Does small business owners really need mobile apps for their businesses?

Mobile apps are now integral part of almost every business, irrespective of their size and industry.
Now a days about 90 percent of people spent interacting with apps on the mobile device—just over 10 percent is spent on mobile websites.

The rise in mobile-phone usage means that smartphone apps have become a key marketing tool for companies of all sizes, including small businesses. Mobile apps increase engagement with customers. They increase repeat visits, and permit a wide variety of online transactions, including promotions, and ecommerce transactions.

Many small business owners are under the false impression that developing an app requires either extensive coding experience or a lot of money (or both).  They are worried about the need to build different apps for the various platforms customers are on – iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. They are unsure about building dynamic or static apps, and the difficulty of coming up with an app design.

Most of the small-business owners have a question: But I Have a Mobile Website, Why Do I Need a Mobile App? 

Here is the answer:

  • Anywhere, Anytime
  • Fast, Simple, & Easy
  • Developing an app for your business helps you reach many more customers,  than with a website.
  • A mobile app for your business can greatly contribute to your brand awareness.
  • These days mobile apps at the small business level are still rare, and this is where you can take a big leap ahead of your competitors.
  • You can use your app as a tool to showcase your products and services. Users visiting your app would then have instant, one-stop access to you.

And there are many features that your app needs to achieve them like:

  • Push Notifications
  • Geolocation and Map Integration
  • Mobile Shopping/Mobile Payments
  • Integrated Referral Program
  • Social Integration
  • One-Touch Contact

Mobile app will definitely help you to save your business, but it can be a way of staying closer to your customers.

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Posted by Anuj Pathak

Anuj Pathak is a software enablement solution expert, a seasoned veteran in the field of sales, business development, and web & mobile apps development. His management skills and leadership continue to deliver results for organizations looking to expand their reach and revenues by providing services around user experience, and software development for all mobile platform and internet technologies.