How Blockchain Technology Can Transform Healthcare Industry ?

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that has the ability to transform the healthcare industry. A decentralized, distributed, and digital ledger is used to share extensive data with multiple computers. The purpose of this technology is to prevent changes and manipulation of subsequent blocks. Blockchain is giving the option to write all records of information and plenty of users can manage the information record. Mainly, blockchain technology establishes on cryptography, P2P network, and the program is known as a blockchain protocol. Technology is disrupting every industry and moving towards the healthcare sector. 

We are living in the significant advancement technology era and looking for better services to make life more comfortable. Blockchain technology is one of them and millions of people using the system for better health outcomes. It can help to improve three critical issues in the health sector, which are patient data engagement, drug traceability, and clinical trials. Blockchain technology helps the healthcare industry in many ways such as security, privacy, efficiency, increase integration, and many more. Moreover, it is promoting trust and transparency between the healthcare provider and patient to deliver valuable healthcare data to the market. blockchain becomes popular, so healthcare providers are collaborating with blockchain consultants to deploy the technology.

Blockchain Decentralized System

A decentralized system is a backbone for all modern exchange and database applications. Decentralized application architecture is more flexible, transparent, distributed, and has a better incentive structure than the latest application models. There is millions of application in use and many web applications follow a decentralized system. All hardware and software systems are built to run the decentralization system in the blockchain. To reduce all man-made and natural disasters can provide foolproof security. It gives greater user privacy with low processing fees and minimum error. The power saved by the system that can help a healthcare provider with medication, cure, and treatment of several disease and disorder.

Drug Traceability

The blockchain development technology is useful to record all manufacturing chain of the drug. The decentralization system helps to ensure transparency with the shipping process. With blockchain ledger, you can store all data information about the drug. The blockchain technologies keep tracking the record information at every stage of the supply chain process until it reaches the consumer. Execution of blockchain technology will increase confidence in people and will help manufactures to track the available stock information in the market. Pharma manufacture can track the supply chain process via blockchain technology and help the retailer to buy the right medicine. Moreover, it provides access to limited data sharing between two parties. Due to transparency in the decentralized system in the blockchain, fraud, medical care costs can be monitored to regulate the healthcare sector.

Secure Patient Data

Healthcare systems across the world have seen many high-profile cyber-attacks over the years. Therefore, keeping the data secure is the main priority, so the blockchain solution can help work on this aspect. Healthcare institutes can store entire personal and medical information on a blockchain-based system. As IoT (internet of things) is developing at an unstoppable pace, the wearable also becomes another source to collect data information, which can be used to track patient’s activity, adapt treatment, and sets targets.  

Blockchain technology provides an unbreakable network that helps to keep patient data transparent. Many healthcare apps development  is using blockchain to hide the patient’s identity and secure their sensitive medical records. Even, a blockchain system can store, update, and monitor patient data in real-time with the help of IoT and wearable device. If data is managed by a decentralized system then it makes the work easier for caregivers. Blockchain can give a great solution for the healthcare industry.

Blockchain in Clinical Trials

Blockchain technology is using to distribute computer networks that help database to store record information, time-stamped, and archive documents. The system can control access and this information available for all healthcare providers. It is one of the big ledgers where every transaction, transformation, transfer, and transcription data is available. Information that is store in blockchain cannot be erased or changed, only the authorized person can access the information. During the clinical trial process, the authorized person can access the data and make the blockchain-based model completely patient-centric. 

The blockchain technology is working on the hash value and algorithms that run on a piece of the transaction to develop a secure hash algorithm. It gives a global impact on a clinical trial as it allows for tracking, caring, and sharing for data. It also included a decentralized secure tracking platform for data interaction that may occur in the context of the clinical process. The system can build trust and transparency in the clinical process, whose credibility has been considered in the last few years. Blockchain technology can be considered for the clinical process and is increasing every step towards better transparency to improve trust between research communities and patient communities.


Blockchain is one of the most innovative and advanced technology in this decade. It can be widely used to improve service and solutions for the healthcare sector. Blockchain is a relatively new technology that is evolving to deliver better care outcomes. In upcoming years, the use of blockchain technology will lead to heavy usage of mobile healthcare applications. Ultimately, blockchain has plenty of potentials to provide trust data and transparent interaction between researchers that can develop new digital health solutions. 

The potential of blockchain technology in the healthcare industry is vast and it becomes the best technology to improve health solutions. Healthcare industries are adopting blockchain technology because it makes life easier and convenient for healthcare providers. blockchain technology will disrupt the healthcare market in the forecast period and boost health application development for better health services.

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