Revealing the significance of Electronic health records

Coronavirus is now no more unknown to any country across the world. Coronavirus is an epidemic disease that is spreading expeditiously. People’s lives are getting affected day by day. There is no complete vaccination for COVID-19. Without a vaccine, it can be prevented only with some prevention measures like staying at home, maintain social distancing, usage of sanitizers, etc. As the disease is, communicable so people are restraining themselves to go to a doctor even in case of general diseases and henceforth it results in an increase of patients of general diseases too. Doctors are using the telehealth method to control this pandemic disease and treating patients across the world. Many healthcare providers started moving to the online medical consultations app.

The healthcare sector still needs to gain open and crystal-clear information, which will do cost cutting and improves the efficiency of the healthcare system. As and when there is a hike in healthcare consumerism, there is a growth in awareness among health systems to ensure the involvement of the patients in their medical care. However, the technology has risen to the next level, earlier every time the patient needs to visit the doctor and he needs to communicate symptoms during his visit.

Now the scenario has been changed, patients can directly approach the doctor with the usage of Smartphone, remote monitoring devices, and E-health applications which assist patient’s new way of sharing data to the physicians. It allows physicians to do a broad level of view of patients. There is a term known as PGHD Patient-Generated Health Data, which is created, recorded, or gathered either by the patient or by the family members of the patient which helps to resolve any health-related concern of a patient. PGHD allows physicians to know the lifestyle of a patient and according to that physician can provide him a customized prescription. It gives a holistic picture of a patient to the physician.

Measures to keep a check via eHealth

  • Activity Level: In order to calculate basic calorie requirements, the term activity level is being used. The activity level is divided into four categories Sedentary, Lightly Active, Moderately active, and Very Active.
  • Symptoms: General self-efficacy score could be checked on eHealth apps; the patient can rate himself on physical fatigue, mental fatigue, motivation fatigue, or activity level fatigue. You can select your symptoms on this kind of apps or eHealth diary.
  • Biometric Data: On the basis of your biometric record, you could be given medication sitting at your home only. This will be much effective in COVID-19 crisis.
  • Mobile Apps: Mobile apps are most beneficial and have a vital role in this pandemic situation, sitting at your home only you can take the help of doctors without standing in queue for hours at the clinic of doctors.
  • Wearable devices like gear watch, health wristband: Allows you to keep a watch on your pulse, heartbeat, automatic 24*7 heart monitoring, etc.

Artificial Intelligence in healthcare chatbots

AI bots can be used to automate routine works such as helping patients to book online appointments, paying bills, performs patient satisfaction surveys, to inform the patient about his insurance coverage. Artificial intelligence in healthcare has reduced date rates. Chatbots are performing well and they play a vital role in the healthcare sector. A chatbot can communicate via text, video or audio and they get response via an artificial intelligence system. In easy words, it can be said Chatbots works on predefined algorithms or commands. A Chatbot system can easily communicate with humans. ECommerce companies use Chatbots, call centers, and gaming platforms as well.

An emerging number of hospitals, nursing homes, and even private centers are currently using online human services chatbots on their healthcare portals. Bots connect with patients who are visiting the website, allowing patients to find out specialists, to book online appointments, and getting the correct treatment.

Chatbot driven Healthcare

In this pandemic situation of Covid-19, a mass of people is affected by it. Everybody is striving war against Covid-19. In this tough situation when going out of home is way risky than sitting at home and stay safer, during this time doctors of our country are providing electronic medical health support to the citizens of our country. They are recommending their prescription and medication with the help of chatbots. Chatbots are much seen during the corona outbreak time. Digital health inventors have invented chatbots at a very lesser cost and made them available to vendors prevailing in the healthcare market. Chatbots offer services like fixing appointments, spreading awareness about a clinical trial. An AI-based chatbot is used for patient medication and diagnosis.

As per the reports of WHO, the chatbots are much safer tools to direct the health of a particular patient. In addition, people do not get vacillate to use a chatbot for general customer support. Some people are much comfortable even sharing their sensitive diseases with chatbots. So chatbot sometimes works as an open forum for patients where they can share problems with the chatbot in isolation. So, in today’s era, we do have chatbot driven healthcare systems that allow access to share your symptoms or problems with the chatbot itself. mHealth facilities are also working broadly across the country, people have started adopting mHealth services. Few Apps have brought a revolution in terms of eHealth tools, it has a tracker which is based on contact tracing and it helps the user to identify an active Covid-19 hotspot in his/her area. So, this kind of tool or apps is now prevailing when we talk about eHealth.


Due to the war against Covid-19, Telehealth has expanded its services to assist physicians or patients who are suffering from Covid-19 to build immunity against corona, which helps to prevent us from spreading it to the next level. In this pandemic situation Telehealth is the best option to stay safe and seek and medication from the physician online.

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