Internet of Things Is the Perfect Combination Of Healthcare

The idea of the internet of things is the use of electronic health devices, which help to capture or monitor the patient’s health record and empower them mechanically. IOT – enable device is a modern technology in healthcare that can be traced to the use of remote monitoring, device integration, activity tracker, glucose data smart sensors such as a wristband, wristwatch, etc. It can capture and monitor health records, which are connected to the cloud, and detect patient health status in real-time. The internet of things continues increasing and driven by connected devices that can generate, analyze, collect, and transfer the data to a healthcare network or internal server. Ultimately, the easy connectivity between the medical device and health sensor is managed clinical workflow and leads to improve patient care, both in the hospital and at the remote location.

These devices are not necessarily complex technologies, but they streamline processes and enable healthcare providers to complete tasks on time. Now the healthcare sector is investing huge amounts in IoT (internet of things). Now many technologies come with the connecting devices from wearable such as biosensor to X-ray machine with an internet connection or Bluetooth. IOT-enable medical device shares all data with the practitioners that assist them to perform well. The IoT healthcare applications are connected to the medical environment that can monitor the patient and improve the system.

Simultaneous and Real-Time Monitoring

IoT is based on data transfer technology; it can be greatly exploited for the benefit of the medical field. These medical devices are associated with the patient and indicate several health parameters such as diabetes rate, Blood pressure, heartbeat rate, etc. When the IoT device connects with the cloud, it will help to develop continuous monitoring and tracking of the patient’s condition on a real-time basis. Authorized physicians, specialists, or practitioners gain access to these data and follow the appropriate procedure if necessary.

Real-time monitoring of patients helps to give fast and effective treatment. Mobile applications allow the physician to access information faster and provide high-quality care before the patient reaches to hospitals. Smart devices, which are connected to mobile apps, collect all medical data and transfer health data such as blood sugar level, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen, weight, etc. These devices can save lives in the event of a medical emergency such as asthma attacks, diabetes, heart failure, etc. This enables doctors to make an evidenced-based informed decision and create transparency between the patients.

Data Assortment and Data Analysis

IoT healthcare device can share a huge amount of data in a very short time due to its real-time application, if access to the cloud is unavailable, is difficult to store and manage. Even obtaining data from many devices and sources and analyzing it manually is more difficult for healthcare providers. The IOT device can collect data, analyze in real-time monitoring, and reduce the need to store raw data files. This all can happen on the cloud and physicians can get direct access to the final reports with graphs. Moreover, a healthcare provider allows an organization to gain critical healthcare data analytics and data-driven insights that help make decisions faster. Ultimately, this will accelerate the decision without any human error.

Real-Time Tracking and Alerts

A smart and wearable device such as a fitness band is disrupting our lives by allowing us to monitor and optimize our health data. The real-time alert is helping in the event of a life-threatening situation. Medical IOT devices gather all the important data and share that data with the healthcare provider on a real-time basis. Even it can drop the notification to people about critical parts through mobile or any other device. This real-time report and alert provide the health condition of patients with the place and time that help doctors to take fast decisions and deliver real-time treatment. However, the IoT device provides real-time tracking, alerting, monitoring that provide hand-on treatment with the accuracy and improve better health outcomes. These smart devices are attached to the body part to assist physicians so that they can easily track the health status of the patients.

Remote Medical Care

Remote patient monitoring is possible worldwide through the internet of things. It offers home-based devices and smart sensor technology to monitor patient health continually and on-time treatment can reduce emergency health issues. Moreover, it also increases mobility among patient and they are involving in getting healthcare. The patient can tie a fitness band on their wrist which helps to keep motivate them and maintain their physical and mental health. It ensures a high level of security for every user and keeps patient information confidential. It also tracks frequent physical movements of the patient so that they can avoid any injury. The Internet of things leads to increases positivity and hopes in the patient and they are motivated to take important measures to recover.


The demand is for technology is continuously increasing and it has contributed extensively to the popularity of IoT devices. Internet network devices have helped the hospital and patient for the past several decades. These devices can monitor patient health and collect many important health clinical data elements during the care process. These devices have the potential to manage patient health and more affordable than traditional hardware. IoT applications are easy to use and continue implementation in healthcare increase productivity and data analysis. Advance technology in the internet of things devices improves patient outcomes with better analytics. IoT healthcare enables machine-to-machine communication, data movement, interoperability, and information exchange to improve medical service more efficient. Even, it can be used for research purposes that can help to collect huge data about patient health.

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