IoT healthcare Market growth statistics 2019- 2025

The global market of IoT (Internet of Things) was valued at USD 190.5billion in 2019 and is expected market size to reach USD 1,102.75billion by 2025 at a CAGR (Compound Average Growth Rate) 20.9% over the coming period 2020-2025. The IoT in the healthcare segment is based on application, solution, connectivity, component, end-user, and region. The internet of things market has classification such as medical devices, systems, software, and services. The significant growth in IoT service market is simply driven by some factors such as increasing adoption rate, rising need for cost containment in healthcare, increasing use of smart devices, improved device accuracy and connectivity, increasing focus on patient-centric care delivery and digital health initiative across the globe.

The maximum adoption rate and uses of connected devices in the healthcare sector are playing a major role in the IoT revolution 2020 market growth. The IoT has several applications in the healthcare sector from remote monitoring to touch sensors to medical gadgets. The growing IoT technology provides real-time patient data and remote monitoring access to diagnose chronic disease. The combinations of remote monitoring, mobile devices, and analytics have reduced the rate of re-admission of patients suffering from blood pressure, heart diseases, and diabetics.

Remote monitoring in the healthcare sector is helping to reduce the length to stay in hospitals and prevent re-admission. Moreover, the application helps to reduce the cost and improve medical outcomes. The IoT monitoring tools help for taking an effective decision as well as it performs smooth and reduces error and system cost.

IoT Market Trend

The global market of IoT is rapidly growing due to cost-effective services and the increasing rate of adoption of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the healthcare and medical sector for patients. IoT technology is a key player for various organizations by providing them digital transformation and it has a software upgrade process that can track business models. The key player in the internet of things is developing strategies by completing mergers and partnerships to innovate new IoT products & solutions.

Thus, the increasing adoption rate of cloud-based software in the IT industry is playing a major role in the growth of the IoT share markets during the forecast period. Moreover, new hospitals are increasing and medical center set-ups are creating new growth for the internet of things in the forecast period. It also provides patient care and patient engagement facility that can boost the market IoT trend in 2020. With the uses of IoT, the government of many countries are taking initiative and investing more funds to improve healthcare infrastructure and medical health delivery. Additionally, the cost of rapid deployment medical devices and healthcare infrastructure is earning well in the market in the coming period.

IoT Market by Application Insight

The healthcare and IT industry have many applications for the internet of things, which are constantly developing more applications for medical care. According to IoT application, the market is classified in-patient monitoring, connected imaging, clinical operation, drug development, fitness, and wellness management. This application helps patients care and it enhance doctor delivery care. It helps to understand the engagement and fulfillment of patient and they can spend more time speaking with their specialist. The IoT application in healthcare has many connected devices and a large amount of information collected by them, this can be a challenge for hospitals but can be managed by the Strong and Technical IT Services.

The consumer electronic applications have a 30% market share of the entire health industry, which is good revenue for market growth. IoT based applications have the potential to increase healthcare, manufacturing, product upgrade and improvement in existing technologies which are major strategies adopted by market players. The IoT application provides various design service monitoring systems to collect physiological information that analyze and store in cloud software.

IoT Market Share by Region

The IoT healthcare market is covering various regions around the globe such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa. Every region market provides a good amount of revenue that will grow in the forecast period. North America is dominating the healthcare market and IoT (internet of things) hold the largest share in healthcare. The US and Canada are one of the top countries that are contributed and investing huge amounts in the IoT healthcare market. These developed countries are empowering the IoT technology and invest strongly in research and development, product launch joint venture activities. The American healthcare industry was valued at USD 24.56billion in 1960 and now it has worth USD 3,597trillion in 2019.

The purpose of digitalization and smart connected device in the IT industry provide fuel for the development of the internet of things. The Asia Pacific is the fastest-growing market that covered 35% global revenue share in 2014 and expected to 120.5 billion in revenue in 2025. The uses of high-speed internet services are increasing and the average selling price for sensors and modules in the region that a big reason for industry growth over the forecast period.

Competitive Landscape Market Share

Studies state that the competitive landscape including the market share and company profile of the major player in the IoT healthcare market. There are many companies in the market that are focusing on new research and development activities, new product launch, acquisitions, and strategies initiative to found new solutions for the market growth.


The IoT has the potential to increase of availability of information and transform Companies and institutions in virtually every industry across the globe. There are several technologies required to support the deployment and further growth of the IoT solutions company. As a designer of IoT devices, you must use modern practice in delivering secure products to end-users. Now consumers are growing rapidly, they use connected devices and applications. The collaboration among various standard development groups and consolidation of efforts will eventually result to grow the IoT (internet of things) market.

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