Is Artificial Intelligence really the future of User Interface ?

It is common knowledge that the rise of Artificial Intelligence has seen many ups and downs and there has been tremendous speculation about the future of Artificial Intelligence technology and whether it could be detrimental to the future of the world et al. What is important to understand is how AI has been used and deployed in the recent past and to evaluate the extent to which AI technology has actually been used.

First of all, it was a great sounding to the skeptics when it was discovered that AI is not just a viable technology but is also increasing the ceiling for competitive technology, if and when deployed well. However, it is true that how AI will affect supply chain systems in the retail sector or installing anti-theft mechanisms, is still in the preliminary stage but what one can talk about with confidence is how simple it will make humans interfacing with largely complex computers.

In order to understand this better, one has to look at the way we interact with computers today. As of today, our interactions with computers is largely limited to redundant tasks and as a result of this, we are sort of reaching a saturation point in terms of interaction. In reality, computers, in themselves, are tremendous store-houses of information.

The use of Smartbots in AI technology

When you are looking at using simple AI applications, one would need to look at how complex tasks will be made extremely simple by just the click of a button. For example- you are currently engaging yourself for hours looking for specific documents or searching for company servers, how AI will help in this case and specifically, Smartbots, is that instead of you managing this task, the bot will do it for you. As a result of this, adopting this technology will have a significant impact on human productivity.

There are a large number of tools that are already available that are changing the interaction between customers and companies using AI technology. Chatbots and Smartbots is something we have already discussed.

There are examples of how entire websites are being built using AI technology. An example of one such platform is the platform GRID.

Chatbots are essentially interaction buddies between you and your customers when it comes to answering queries or identifying different ways of interacting with potential and existing customers.

When you look at AI, you are looking at an entirely new landscape of interactions, one that is based on speed, compatibility, customization and a thorough understanding of user sentiment.

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