Let’s decorate your website this season

December 25th is just around the corner and festive time is coming soon. Time will come when we will have to bid goodbye to 2015 and welcome 2016.

Time will come when you see happiness everywhere, Christmas trees come out, decorations go on and the lights go up – why not do the same with your website?

Whether or not you have a plan for the coming days, take a look at few Christmas season website ideas that you can implement immediately, and reap the benefits just as soon. No coding needed. No need to spend thousands of dollars.

Create a Christmas landing page with snow background

Do you run an e-commerce website and want to focus your visitors attention onto your Christmas offers or any seasonal content you’ve got on your website? A Christmas landing page is the perfect way to upsell your offers and expand your potential earnings in the busiest shopping period of the year.

Everyone loves a white Christmas so why not let your visitors enjoy the snow on your website as much as they do outside.The Snow background adds a really nice effect. It uses a set of background images paired with CSS animations to make them move separately from one another.

Add Christmas graphics

It has been tradition for many years to put up a Christmas tree and decorate it until there isn’t a branch that isn’t covered with tinsel, lights or baubles. Why not do the same on your website? If you have a header, updating it with a seasonal image can be a great way to beef up your site for the holidays. You can also change up some sidebar images, add in some Christmas graphics, etc. to bring in some holiday cheer.

Decorate your logo

You’ve probably put your logo in the upper left corner of your website, or somewhere else on your pages. So, why don’t you decorate it a little? There are plenty of ways to do it. For example, you can put a Santa hat on it, gifts or any other relevant Christmas element.

Add a Christmas Story to your Carousel

Carousels are a hot trend in web development – we’ve even got one on the Box Chilli homepage. Like the fairground ride, website carousels rotate. Instead of dancing ponies, they show different news stories or bits of company information. Ours tells you about our services. Carousels typically feature an image and a story, often drawn from your blog or news section, so they’re a great place to add a temporary bit of tinsel.

Create a Bundle

Bundle packages are one of the best ways to increase the order value of purchases. Not only that, but by selling products in bundles you are able to show off the quality of several products to the customer at the same time. The result?

Although the profit margin for each product in itself might decrease via the bundle, this opens up a path to close the year on a positive note with higher revenues and profits (margin itself might be smaller due to bundle), generate more leads for 2016, and hopefully, increase the number of reviews per product as you head into the new year. Sell more for less now, win in the long run!

Run a Christmas competition

Do you want more visitors to engage with your site? Perhaps you’re looking for a great way to get people to like your page on Facebook, follow you on Twitter or subscribe to your blog? Why not run a competition?No matter how big or small the prize is – people love competitions, especially if its a prize that’ll make a perfect Christmas present.

Bottom Line:

You may be wondering why you would want to go through all the extra work of updating your website. It is a great way to drive people to your site. You can post across social media that you updated your website, and send out an e-mail to your list. This helps you get some great exposure during the holidays and will makes it way more likely that this visitors will stay longer on your site.

Posted by Anuj Pathak

Anuj Pathak is a software enablement solution expert, a seasoned veteran in the field of sales, business development, and web & mobile apps development. His management skills and leadership continue to deliver results for organizations looking to expand their reach and revenues by providing services around user experience, and software development for all mobile platform and internet technologies.