Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins: Prevent your Website from Getting Hacked

WordPress today boasts of being one of the most widely used blogging platforms in the world. Whether it is a personal blog or a fully-fledged business website, Word Press’s popularity lies in its user-friendly interface, customizable templates and minimal coding requisites. When it comes to security, WordPress offers a reliable and secure content management system that can protect your business from getting hacked. Its compatibility has been both a blessing as well as a curse as it has left it susceptible to countless cyber attacks by spammers and hackers alike.

Let’s have a look at a list of WordPress security Plugins that offer a high degree of protection to your website.


With an overall rating of 4.9/5, this is considered as one of the most popular security Plugins by WordPress. Its ambit covers login security measures, firewall and monitoring, IP address blocking and a host of security scanning measures.

Word Fence starts its work by checking if the site has already been infected. It does by validating the site’s source code to the WordPress repository to compare core themes and Plugins. There is a premium version of this available which offers higher-end security features not limited to pre-defined country blocking.


One of the main advantages of this software is that it is available for free in the WordPress repo. Some of the features of this plug-in include malware scanning, blacklist monitoring, file integrity monitoring and a secure website firewall.

This plug-in tracks all activity taking place on your website. This includes user log-ins or if there are any changes made to your website. This is real-time data that you can view at any time with just a review of the activity logs.


IThemes Security is a plug-in that claims to offer more than 30 ways to protect your website from any kind of attacks. Its strength lies in fixing common exposures and any kind of automated attacks. There are a list of security measures that this plug-in offers which starts from two-factor authentication, constant check on core files for even the most negligible change, logging and storing user actions and many more.


This particular plug-in is also considered as one of the more popular ones. Its USP lies in its friendly interface for beginners who find advanced security settings difficult. This plug-in protects your website from common attacks and keeps your security system updated with the latest security additions.

All in one’s security dashboard is a unique offering as it gives you a dashboard of how secure your website is, facilitating immediate action. As and when you add security options, your score increases.


This plug-in provides a single click security solution. It is meant to secure your website against RFI, XSS, CRLF, SQL Injection. Some of the most commonly used features of this plug-in include an updated record of the number of login attempts, file monitoring, email alerts detecting a variety of user actions and many more.

Some of the full-proof security measures provided by WordPress ensure your website functions at optimal capacity, with low risk of damage.

Posted by Anuj Pathak

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