Top 7 Woo Commerce Plugins for boosting your revenue

Online sales have been showing an exponential rise over the last few years and this is probably the best time to get into the ecommerce game. Now that we have established that, Woo Commerce should definitely be one of the platforms you are looking at, especially because of its ease in set up and also because it comprises of a highly secure network which is what is needed, irrespective of the size of business.

However, just registering your business is not enough. You have to make your online store usable and appealing and let’s look at the top 7 Woo Commerce Plugins:

#1- Woo Commerce Coupon Campaigns Plugin

If you need a Plugin that you can easily customize in order to track your campaign’s performance, you really don’t need to look further. This Plugin is integrated directly into the Woo Commerce reporting dashboard which allows you to track every single campaign with reports created across different pre-set options, also allowing you to sort the frequency of the tracking into days, weeks, months or years.

#2- Product FAQ’s Plugin

Customers are now a lot more informed about the products they are buying. So as a store owner, you can expect questions on the products you are selling. In order to tackle this, the Product FAQ Plugin on your Woo Commerce store adds the same kind of functionality.

Integrated with your registered email, every time someone asks a question, you get notified right away allowing you to answer questions promptly and delete those don’t sometimes make sense. The notifications work both ways. If the customer has an account, he gets notified as soon as you’ve answered the question as well.

#3- Reviews for Discount Plugin

Organic reviews go a long way in establishing credibility for your brand. The Review for Discount plugin is created with an effort to reward the customers who review your product. This plugin automatically creates a discount coupon for customers reviewing products and these coupons can be redeemed during the checkout process.

#4- Date of Order Delivery Plugin

If you are selling physical products, then it becomes essential to have this plugin. This plugin allows customers to choose the dates they would like the products to be delivered. Having said that, you do have final and full control over the calendar settings, setting dates which can be excluded. This plugin also has an additional feature of counting the number of deliveries per day in order to facilitate the control of the number of deliveries going out per day.

#5- Viral Coupons Plugin

If your promotion campaign involves you seeking likes and shares from your customers on social media, then this plugin is probably the best option you have. Viral Coupon automatically attaches discount coupons to the customers who like or share your products.

#6- Image Zoom Plugin

Almost every online store you visit, you will have a zoom feature on the products section allowing the customer to get a closer look. In order to always have quality photographs, you require high-resolution pictures and for this, you need Woo Commerce Image Zoom. The entire zoom operation works on Jquery plugin called Elevate Zoom. This means that you might require Jquery, but WordPress usually includes this by default in most themes.

#7- Product Slider Plugin

When someone visits your website, it is important to grab his attention in the first few seconds and use that as an opportunity to showcase some of your most attractive products. The product slider plugin fits your website with a number of customizable settings. You can add product automatically irrespective of size and style. While you are on the settings page, you can change settings such as automatic rotation, the total products on display and many other additional features you might consider important.

So have you decided which plugin you want to install? This list probably doesn’t cover all the Plugins that Woo Commerce has, but utilizing some of these can make your promotion campaigns a lot more effective than they can be.

Posted by Anuj Pathak

Anuj Pathak is a software enablement solution expert, a seasoned veteran in the field of sales, business development, and web & mobile apps development. His management skills and leadership continue to deliver results for organizations looking to expand their reach and revenues by providing services around user experience, and software development for all mobile platform and internet technologies.