Top Benefits that Software Outsourcing Brings To Your Business

The need for software outsourcing is greater now than ever before in the global IT landscape. Previously Software Outsourcing was highly limited- geographically, security-wise and was super costly. This scenario has greatly transformed today with software outsourcing being a household term across IT powerhouses. The impeccable advantages of outsourcing software projects have been the sole reason for its world-scale globalization.  

Some crystal clarity on what is Software Outsourcing

When a third party is handed over a software project for development with customization in a given timeframe then the process can be called Software Outsourcing. Basically, you are hiring specific industry professionals for getting software requirements fulfilled without end-product stress. Trying to get software built by cheap hacks and non-professionals is a terrible mistake you would never want to make.

Even companies having an in-house software team non-hesitantly outsource complete projects or niche IT fragments in the country or even abroad. But outsourcing a vital priority-based software project which your firm holds responsibility for can be easily intimidating, and that’s much obvious. Therefore hiring a software development firm that you have trust in is absolutely necessary. To make your decision easier here are the Top 7 shiny Benefits of software outsourcing mentioned below in detail.

1) Project-based Specialists- The boundaries of the IT Universe are expanding constantly with breakthrough technologies and software experience. There are so many programming languages, architecture design software, cloud solutions, security protocols & other software segments in the Industry. So situations are highly likely to happen often when your in-house software teams are not habituated with a particular software technology in project need.

In such cases, you can outsource the software required to an IT company specializing in that niche sector with experience in similar projects. As an alternative, you also have the option of partial outsourcing by bringing in a couple of dedicated software developers. This means you are going to hire one or two experts in that software technology to collaborate with your existing company team, but on a temporary basis until that particular project is finished.

2) Cost Saving Big Time- Right from the beginning if your company decides to not have a permanent software team and instead relies on Outsourcing some real money blocks can be saved. Straightforward payments only for the software deliveries and nothing more needs to be paid in the outsourced process. But if you hired a complete team as permanent employees the costs would be much higher over a longer period including all the benefits and facilities you need to provide for the employee. For companies in which software dependency and requirements arise in long intervals, it’s highly illogical to have an in-house software team for those rare requirements.

India is considered the leader in hiring outsourcing software firms in Asia. Startups can highly benefit from outsourcing by not hiring an in-house IT team even after belonging to the technology industry. This lets them run on a proper budget without facing loan exhaustion. The other benefit for startups is the lower risk profile by testing out their products first including business models before hiring a permanent team.

3) Smoking Hot Delivery- When software is outsourced to experienced IT professionals in the domain, you can expect super fast completion. The outsourcing fruit tastes sweeter if you also have a tight deadline on the software requirement. Most Outsourcing IT firms deal with squeezed deadlines every single day, they are aware of which technologies can be leveraged for assisted software development. But this doesn’t mean you should set a non-practical timeline of delivering software within two days, even if someone gets it done- quality would be battered heavily.

4) Complete project acceptance from Client- Let’s suppose that you have a marketing & branding specialization company, but you don’t have any software services. When a client approaches you for a marketing service they might ask you for any software services as well, commonly you would just answer No and move on to their next question. But if you have outsourcing connections you can take on the complete project of Software development and marketing combined. This lets your business have valued collaborations with companies from multiple Industries and even brings more opportunities with Clients.

5) Focus towards core Business- Software development isn’t a simple one-day job, a whole professional team with domain expertise is required. When you outsource such a big responsibility your whole business team gets the freedom to concentrate on the core business services. In other scenarios when you hire just dedicated developers or temporary freelancers, your firm executives need to supervise extensively and even collaborate sometimes on development tasks. Even if you have a couple of in-house developers, they can just check the occasional outsourced reports and concentrate on the existing software infrastructure of your company. Thus software outsourcing doesn’t engage your business employee’s time over something unnecessary in the modern world.

6) Cross-Country Advantage- Your business might be based in a country or region where the IT Industry isn’t that promising and reputed. Along with software outsourcing trends, you have the freedom to hire a trustable IT firm from anywhere in the world. This way you can relax about product quality assurance and even get attractive rates. Software outsourcing across the country also brings you the advantage to hire experienced software firms in a specific Industry like e-commerce, healthcare, SaaS or any niche sector.

7) No Hiring Hassle- For the outsourced software, your firm gets spared from the complications of the hiring process. HRs know best how a hiring process can easily become overwhelming and confusing. After skimming through thousands of CVs and interviewing a few suitable candidates can be found for your software requirement. Even after hiring the ideal developers for the job might not join after being highly interested. Although the hiring process is handled mostly by the HR department, some involvement is often demanded from the top executives of the firm. All this gets wiped out just when you decide on outsourcing your software requirements.

Conclusion Note
Software Outsourcing decisions shouldn’t be procrastinated anymore, it’s a proven trustable model for fulfilling your software requirements. After learning about the top outsourcing benefits you can finally make your decision with ease. Make sure to research and check out multiple IT companies and ask for quotations for the exact software development project. Make sure to assess your budget before hiring a software specialist firm and ask for weekly reports once hired.

Posted by Anuj Pathak

Anuj Pathak is a software enablement solution expert, a seasoned veteran in the field of sales, business development, and web & mobile apps development. His management skills and leadership continue to deliver results for organizations looking to expand their reach and revenues by providing services around user experience, and software development for all mobile platform and internet technologies.