Unlock the Full-potential of Telemedicine- The Key to Primary Care Delivery

Genesis of Telemedicine 

When the coronavirus hit, the global economy was adversely affected.  Telemedicine acted as a bridge between consumers and care delivering facilities. Telemedicine now offers a chance to reinvent virtual and in-person care with the goal to improve public care delivery with better outcomes making it more affordable to the public. More and more health care facilities are investing in telemedicine applications to enable more virtual care to the public. 

Telemedicine has been the ray of light when it comes to handling the adverse effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. Telemedicine has played a vital role in ensuring that the healthcare industry works seamlessly while the world is going through limited access to healthcare facilities. 

Telehealth Uptake

Post early covid, telemedicine observed a huge rise in demand and the consumers surged. However, telemedicine helped consumers with safe access and delivery of healthcare facilities.  The world has seen 78 times increase in the demand for telemedicine support since February 2020 and it is only expected to rise. While many studies have been conducted to understand the current state of utilization of telemedicine and its use in the future. Telemarketing has borne out of necessity during the coronavirus outbreak; it has enabled the following factors. 

  • It has increased the consumers’ willingness to use telehealth 
  • It has increased the providers’ willingness to use telehealth
  • The regulatory changes caused due to telemedicine enables greater access and reimbursement.

Why are Healthcare Facilities Refraining from the use of Telemedicine?

Shifting to virtual care comes with its own challenges. Its potential must be explored more but this would require sustained clinician and consumer adoption and an accelerated redesign to incorporate better virtual modalities and create better and sustained pathways for incorporating telemedicine. 

Once your healthcare facility has improved access to telemedicine it is easier to assess the implications of telemedicine and virtual health facilities. The spike in consumer demand is a clear insinuation that telemedicine will enable your healthcare facility to reach the wider public ensuring they receive a high-quality health care service. 

The increasing disparity of the healthcare industry is a growing public health concern. Telemedicine is recognised as an effective strategy to reduce access to quality healthcare SoftGrid Computers is a company that allows your healthcare facility to respond to the public’s health queries directly from health care faculties, allowing them access to better healthcare from the comfort of their houses. Telemedicine is the answer to the quest for integrated healthcare and an effective advancement towards reaching greater public service. 

Telemedicine is a great way to deliver quality healthcare. It enables a new way to serve patients and help your healthcare facility fight against the pandemic better. In this time of crisis, telemedicine has proven to play a crucial role in helping maintain easy access to healthcare facilities and currently more and more health care providers have been incorporating telemedicine to reach out to more people enabling them to access health care services. Healthcare facilities incorporating healthcare facilities will help broaden your faculties. 

What is the Potential of Telemedicine?  

It is more accessible and convenient care delivery for patients

Telemedicine enables healthcare facilities to provide more accessible and convenient healthcare for patients. Telemedicine was initially developed in the U.S. as a way to address shortages in the care delivery system, especially in remote areas. Currently,  telemedicine is used across the world, whether it’s to provide basic healthcare or permit an elderly patient with severe mobility issues to see a healthcare faculty from home. Telemedicine is imbibed with the power to break down the typical geographical barrier to care access but also to make the whole healthcare delivery model more convenient and accessible to patients.

Saves on Healthcare costs

The United States spends over $2.9 trillion on healthcare each year; this is more than any other developed nation. In addition to that, an estimated $200 billion out of those costs are unnecessary, avoidable spending. Telemedicine cuts our healthcare expenditure by reducing problems like unnecessary ER visits,  medication non-adherence and making healthcare facility visits more cost-effective and efficient.

Extends access to consults from specialists

Telemedicine enables a healthcare facility to immediately expand patients’ access to a niche medical specialist. This makes it convenient for patients to consult medical specialists on a patient case instead of only receiving primary care doctors.

Increases patient engagement

The surge in the demand for telemedicine is a clear indication that patients want to experience new things and are open to that. Telemedicine helps patients engage with healthcare faculties by allowing them to connect with their doctor more frequently, in an easy and convenient way, allowing patients to ask more questions creating a stronger doctor-patient relationship and enabling patients to feel empowered by managing their health care.

Better quality patient care

Telemedicine makes it convenient for health care service providers to follow up with patients. Whether healthcare facilities are using a more extensive remote patient monitoring system to regulate the patient’s health or doing a video chat to answer questions regarding medication after a hospital discharge – telemedicine ensures a better care outcome for patients. 

Challenges Healthcare facilities face when incorporating Telemedicine and Facilities will require technical training and equipment

Telemedicine platforms require some investment for training and equipment purchases. While we are unable to confirm how much must be invested in this solution – a more extensive telemedicine platform that can be used as a bridge between the patients, primary doctors, and consulting specialists. It is obvious that they may require training. In addition to that, the healthcare facility will have to purchase a telemedicine cart and various other mobile health devices. SoftGrid Computers is a holistic software solutions company that can ensure that your staff is trained and telemedicine is working seamlessly in your healthcare facility. 

Some telemedicine models may reduce care continuity

Telemedicine companies like SoftGrid Computers offer a huge benefit of on-demand care for patients. One can simply log in to the online portal and request a visit with one of the telemedicine company’s doctors. However, this would lead to a breakdown in care continuity. If you are looking for the best approach to telemedicine, SoftGrid computers provide tools to healthcare facilities to easily connect with their own patients. 

Final Thoughts: 

More than 45% of the consumers who have used telemedicine believe that they will continue to use telemedicine going forward. More than 60% of healthcare facilities are keen on broadening virtual health solutions. Telemedicine is a cost-effective way of ensuring that consumers receive better and high-quality healthcare and healthcare service providers use telemedicine more favorably now than they have before COVID-19. 

Telemedicine is a more robust option for care delivery. However, it requires a continued uptake,  regulatory environment, favorable consumer perception, and strong investment into the space to contribute to the rate of adoption.

The current crisis has demonstrated the relevance of telemedicine and the window to act is now. If you wish to create a modernized care delivery system for your healthcare facility SoftGrid Computers is your one-stop solution for everything technical. We will help you incorporate telehealth in your healthcare facility ensuring care continuum at scale.

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