Google Play apps win for volume but iOS continues to win for revenue share. Ironically, though, Apple continues to make more money than all of the Android smartphone makers combined.

The reality is that Apple is quite comfortable with the market share data, because the profit numbers are all Apple. When it comes to real world usage data, Apple has an overwhelming share of smartphone and tablet app sales, Web browser use, and ad network hits. Apple leads Android in enterprise adoption and in retail shopping use by consumers.

There is another area where dominant market share isn’t turning out to be an advantage for Android. The volume of apps available in the Google Play app store has caught up to Apple, and Android is winning in app downloads as well.

As far as what kinds of apps people are downloading, games continue to be No. 1 in both Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Second place in Google Play is communications followed by tools. Whereas, in Apple’s App Store, second and third place went to entertainment and photo & video.


The report shows that iOS App Store’s worldwide revenue in the second quarter of this year was 70% higher than Google Play and reflecting a similar pattern in the first quarter.

“Apple had the highest smartphone marketshare in China in Q1 in terms of sales, so the balance between iOS and Android could change yet again by the end of 2015.”

Posted by Anuj Pathak

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