5 Smart Ways To Do More in Less Time

How many articles would you have read to maximize your efficiency in a day? How many great leaders would you have read about and tried following their habits to live an effective life? As an entrepreneur, these are extremely important lessons you must learn about. Efficiency is everything in the entrepreneurial world and you must constantly look at different ways to maximize your day, to get maximum things done. Sometimes, the steps that you might have to take could come across as radical but in hindsight, these small changes that you make in your everyday life will define the course of your professional life for the years to come.

Keep your mobile phone away

Yes, this might seem like an almost impossible task but it is a must. Phones are the biggest source of distraction and it is important to disconnect yourself from any form of email or text or app updates. Your phone should be customized to receive only emergency calls. Keeping your phone away allows you to stay focused on the task at hand and be more proactive about the work you are doing.

Set your usage limits

Communication devices are your biggest blessing and our biggest curse. Setting boundaries for all your communication devices will ensure that you are able to focus on your work more productively. Getting distracted constantly by your gadgets will only create a pattern of impatience which disrupts the attention span you can inculcate without it. You might need the gadgets but don’t make your life revolve around your gadgets. Your gadgets should not be controlling you. Setting boundaries every day for this ensures that you are able to maintain that discipline.

Subscribe to NO media

Again, this might seem like a radical step but we often forget the kind of impact media plays on our psyche. Take Netflix for example- once you start watching a show or a movie, it is almost like you are obligated to finish it. This kind of tendency only takes away from the time you can spend on much more productive tasks related to your work. Media has many advantages and one of the largest reasons for subscribing to some forms of media is information. You must be extremely careful while choosing the kind of media you are subscribing to and what you are benefitting from it.

Mornings should be spent by yourself

We are still victims of an industrial mindset, where we believe that morning meeting is absolutely essential. Research has shown that we are most productive in the mornings and this time should not be wasted on discussing ideas or plans. If you are in an office environment, you must let each and every employee focus on their tasks for the day and if you have to absolutely meet, you must do so in the afternoon.

Keep disconnecting from your work for results

We often have a tendency to sit in front of our screens for hours on end without a break, thinking that we are being productive. However, this has a negative approach to your brain, as it goes into stagnation mode. Taking regular breaks and allowing your brain to recoup puts your subconscious mind to work and you might find answers that you did not earlier.

These are some of the ways one can adapt to achieve a faster productivity cycle. There are many others that can have the same kind of impact if not more and it is important to see which one works best for you. Even though there are strict standards for achieving maximum productivity, it is important to understand how your own mind functions and what you must feed it with, in order to achieve better results.

Posted by Shweta Urmaliya

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