Digitalization in the Medical Industry: A Hope for Offering Seamless Patient Experience

The pace at which the healthcare industry is heading towards digitalization and consumerism speaks volume about the way patient experience must be seriously looked into. To signify considerable growth, it is important to ensure seamless experience for patients across in-person, telephonic, and online consultations.

Financial and commercial sectors have worked in unison for a long time to ensure proper management of confidential customer data, thereby adding to a fine experience. These measures have been acknowledged across platforms.

A vice president of a healthcare organization has given the responsibility of easing out the process of receiving care for a plethora of patients. She is leading the development and rollout process of a digital health transformation initiative. This is aimed at delivering a modern, digital platform for patients and physicians. 

She remarked how the measure was intended to increase accessibility to healthcare and convenience for both customers and the team. Substantial improvement has been observed by easing out the process of locating a doctor online and scheduling an appointment. 

Her research helped her arrive at a conclusion, which was ranked 7th by Gartner in ease of use and the health system has observed a 92% hike in online appointment scheduling in the last year. An insightful observation said that self-service scheduling is more accomodating for both seniors and underserved patients. That accounts for a smoother functionality. 

As all health systems have EHRs encapsulating numerous information fields for each patient, it’s important to conclude what data is actually relevant and would suffice to provide personalized care without compromising on data security.

To simplify this concept, she stated how at her firm each patient holds over 1,000 fields in his/her EHR. However, they only feed 14 of them in the customer database. This is further enriched with geo demographic and transaction data.

She acknowledged paralleling their approach with that of the financial industry. Just like finances observe highly regulated and confidential data, customers expect all industries to operate in a frictionless manner. To assist this cause in the healthcare setting, digital settings are being promoted for reachability irrespective of remote locations. 

The intention behind introducing these progressive changes is that it could help them serve multiple stakeholders across channels. The results prove transformational in terms of both organic and inorganic growth.

She summed up her idea of this venture by suggesting that it lays foundation for engagement and retention for both the parties, customers and staff members. A fully-functional digital platform is going to add to the convenience as well as connection for hospital staff and patients. 


Major healthcare domains have taken a leap of faith in the idea of digitizing the healthcare sphere and by far it has proved its merits. Many IT companies have taken upon themselves to provide the best developmental services in this niche. However, some of them have actually been able to set certain standards, like SoftGrid Computers. They have precisely paid heed to how and where technology can fit in healthcare. Ranging from basic to advance, they help you get an edge over your competitors, thereby adding to customer satisfaction.

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