Global Patient Engagement Market- Segment, Trend and Growth Analysis

The global patient engagement market is worth USD 42,600million in 2019and it will grow at a CAGR of 20.1% from 2020 to 2025. Patient engagement software allows the healthcare provider to connect with patients through the online portal. The software is using to engage patients as per their convenience and it is forcing them to revisit. It provides better access to the physician and helps the patient in managing personal health information. Patient engagement software doesn’t need technologies such as portal and automated messaging. It plays a major role to deliver patient satisfaction. The software can store all information about a patient’s health and give access to the healthcare team to communicate with their patient. Patient engagement software includes tools that help the patient’s ability, knowledge, skills, and care of the patient to deliver better healthcare.

The sudden outbreak of the coronavirus has affected the overall market in the world. COVID-19 pandemic gives a negative impact on many industries. However, patient engagement platform facilitates patient healthcare to increase patient access and provide high quality care that will boost the market over this forecast period. This market has a segment that is based on services, technology, and region area. It provides real-time reporting to the doctor and a rapid response to the patient.

Market Drivers

The use of patient engagement software is increasing as it helps to organize and simplify patients’ data. The increasing adoption rate of mHealth application and the increasing prevalence of the chronic disease, growth in healthcare facilities, patient data tracking, and clinical medicine are fueling the patient engagement market. A study says chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, etc affect millions of people. Furthermore, it is expected that the innovation of technology, an increasing number of ambulatory services, and effective government policy will have a huge impact on market growth.

With the increasing demand from developing countries, excessive investment by the key players in the healthcare industry is expected to come in market for the patient engagement in the coming times. Many factors such as raising awareness of mHealth application, increasing the number of an aging population, and government support are driving the market growth. Patient engagement market research report analyzes the latest trend, development, and new scope for the business to give a review on the market. Increasing demand and innovation of technology also show patient engagement market report. Now technology is shifting in digitalization that also a major driver of the market.

Market Segmentation

The patient engagement market segment is based on the delivery mode, end-user, therapeutic sector, and regional outlook. The delivery and cloud-based segment are expected to reach a high revenue share in the global market. The patient engagement solution makes the system flexibility, scalability, and cost-effective. During the chronic disease, the therapeutic segment grows and understanding of patients gives a more favorable position for market development. This segment is also expected to reach the highest share in the market. Moreover, Cloud-based deployment can be a remarkable growth rate in the upcoming years.  

The application segment is based on health management, financial health management, home health, social health. The rising demand for home-based care particularly for the aging population can drive growth for home health of patient engagement solutions. Woman’s health management is related to diagnosis and care. Social management health is used to protect patient information to give better care and share data with the healthcare provider. Health administration is expected to reach the highest revenue share worldwide. Moreover, financial health management is dealing with the financial aspect to deliver care facility and it allows caregivers and payers to maintain patients’ records. In the end-user segment, the healthcare system and caregivers are considered as the largest category because they are usually the main areas for the treatment, diagnosis, and recovery of individuals.

Market by Region

The patient engagement market is divided into regions such as North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa. North America dominates the market globally and holds the largest share amount due to the increasing demand for quality care. Even, the trend will continue in the forecast period. Important advances such as infrastructure, Internet of things, information technology help reduce the cost of hospital readmission; these are some of the major factors driving regional growth. Digital patient engagement technology incorporated into healthcare system provides quality care in North America that will increase the market over the forecast period.

The Europe patient engagement solution held second-largest revenue share in 2019 and it will increase in the coming period. The medical invention gives business growth to the patient engagement market for efficient healthcare and advancement in the healthcare industry.The Asia-pacific region held third-largest revenue share in patient engagement market and was expected to reach its highest rate of growth over the forecast period. China and India are major countries to become the fastest-growing market for patient engagement solutions. These countries are improving health infrastructure, increasing IT health, increasing awareness of the disease, and tourism are the main factors to move the Asia-Pacific region upwards.


The patient engagement solution market report is based on a huge data collection and brief evaluation from the market. The report shows all details of the market that include application, blockchain, structure, infrastructure, definition, and classification. It gives helpful insights into all leading trend that drives the global market. The study provides complete details about the segment and share information regarding the sector in the market. It also provides statistical data on recent development in the patient engagement market. It included a basic overview of revenue and analyzed the market under the profile section.

The report shows country-level analysis that is provided by many regional players, government policies and regional tax law, consumer behavior, and economic condition. The data collected are presented in the worldwide patient engagement solution market research report. It also includes gross margins, vendors, suppliers, industry share, policy, and revenue.

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