Happy yesterday, Happier tomorrow: A tribute to 7 years

7 long years! SoftGrid completes 7 years in its making and it could not have been a more exciting journey for all of us here at SoftGrid. We cannot possibly leave out the most important aspect of our journey, and that is: our lovely customers who have made everyday a learning experience, giving us the opportunity to discover such diverse talent and the honor to serve the needs of entrepreneurs who are determined to change the paradigm of business conduct.

We started off as an idea but today, with the help and support of all our customers, we have translated into a vision, constantly striving towards achieving a higher version of ourselves.

We were entering a space that was dominated by big names with enough resources at their disposal and it was only with conviction that we could help serve our customers in the best possible way. It was putting our customers first that helped us learn the right way of running a business and it was this empathy that allowed us to learn more from our customers, whether it was updating our service offerings or enhancing customer management.

Looking back at the last 7 years, we feel that we have grown considerably and this growth would seem incomplete if we didn’t feel like our customers grew with us. Our dream, when we started off, was to be a one-stop solution for all business needs and with your support; our dream is slowly being realized.

We assure you that our aim will be to constantly be better and do better and your comfort will always take precedence in our minds. This could not have been possible without the contribution of each and every member of our team, our developers who on certain occasions have bunked up in our office, our sales and marketing team who have constantly looked at innovative and impactful ways of spreading our business and lastly, our customers and our partners, who have placed the highest degree of faith in our abilities.

Together, we can create a future that is not just happier but is also more competent, more collaborative and promotes an atmosphere of constant learning. Together, we can ensure SoftGrid is not just a name but a benchmark of conducting business. We would like to thank each and every person associated with us, on this momentous occasion of our 7th year anniversary and we hope our relationship only deepens with time.

Posted by Shweta Urmaliya

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