Learning the Pros and Cons of Xamarin Development

Nowadays, it is hard for any brand to grow and retain customers without using suitable mobile apps. While websites still draw a significant amount of target buyers, the percentage of people using apps for buying services and products online is only growing with time. Now, the thing is, there are plenty of platforms and tools for developing mobile apps. To cut down app development costs and enhance productivity, developers often resort to using cross-platform app development tools. In recent times, the popularity and usage of Xamarin have grown in this sector.

It was in 2016 that Microsoft acquired Xamarin and made it a part of its hugely popular .NET platform. Now, Xamarin is used by mobile app developers across the world. Some of the top technology giants and MNCs use this platform for app development. The nice thing is developers can also make use of Xamarin Native to develop platform-specific mobile apps. 

The basics of Xamarin app development

Xamarin is one flexible and useful mobile app development platform through which developers write code once use it for developing apps for various platforms. Now owned by Microsoft, Xamarin is used widely to make functional mobile apps offering native performance on diverse platforms. Developers using the platform can access the versatile and powerful .NET ecosystem and utilise the numerous packages and libraries. To ensure you get the most out of the platform, it is necessary to hire a suitable xamarin app development company.

The advantages of Xamarin app development

In the last few years, Xamarin app development has picked momentum, and that is surely not without reason. Listed here are the reasons for which developers pick Xamarin for cross-platform mobile app development:

  • Speedy app development cycle- One nice thing about Xamarin app development is the platform comes with reusable code. On average, 90% of this code can be reused. The coding is done mostly using .Net libraries and C# language. Since a lot of Xamarin code can be re-used for cross-platform app creation, developers save on app development time. This is useful when you want to get apps developed quickly on multiple mobile platforms. Its RMAD capability has made the platform popular with developers.
  • Using C#- In Xamarin app development, C# is used. This is an object-oriented programming language and comes with a type-safety feature. This makes the tasks simpler for developers. It becomes easier to evade unintentional typing glitches in coding.
  • Native User experience- Through proper utilization of C# coding, apps can be made with Xamarin that has a native app-like feel and UI. It turns the UI elements into platform-specific elements. This is ideal when you want the users to get the best experience when using apps.
  • Amazing ease of development- When Xamarin is used for mobile app development, the workload gets reduced, and that is not only for the code re-usage factor. A single language, namely C#, is used for most tasks. Everything can be done using Visual Studio, and so developers need not switch between various environments. 
  • API Integration- Xamarin mobile application development is gaining traction since it offers flexibility to use identical UI controls and APIs as a native application development environment. With it, developers can make APIs supporting native app development platforms like Java and Swift. 
  • No Hardware Compatibility woes- Developers using Xamarin for cross-platform app development benefit from the availability of a huge range of plug-ins. Using these, it is possible to create apps that can access device hardware without issues. The top Xamarin developers can create functional apps that leverage advanced hardware parts and sensors of the device. 
  • Extensive testing capability- While developing mobile apps for multiple OS and platforms, developers need to check these apps on various grounds. For example, such apps have to be assessed for speed, bugs, security loopholes etc. Xamarin has its Test Cloud function, using which developers can test apps across as many as 2000 devices. The nice thing is that testing can be executed in the development phase itself.
  • Reliable support- Xamarin is now offered as a part of the software development package of Microsoft. So, a xamarin mobile app development company can get continuous support as well as learning opportunities through the official Microsoft Learn platform.
  • Cost-saving- compared to other cross-platform mobile app development platforms, Xamarin helps save more money during the development cycle. Developers with skills in C# and Visual Studio is mostly needed to use this platform. Since developers with skills in varying domains are not required, development cost remains on the lower side.

The limitations of Xamarin app development

No mobile app development platform is without its share of drawbacks, and Xamarin is not an exception.

  • Not so large community- Compared to the other mobile app development platforms in the market, Xamarin is the new kid on the block. Its support base or community is relatively smaller. This can pose problems while developing apps using the platform.
  • Related cost- Xamarin is a part of Microsoft’s .NET platform and so using it does not cost you anything. However, Xamarin development may necessitate using Microsoft Visual Studio, and that is easy for all brands. 
  • App file size woes- While Using Xamarin, developers often run into application file size issues. When the core library is used generously, the resultant app size can be quite large. This often compels the developers to make additional tweaking to reduce app file size. 
  • Delay in updating- Apps based on Xamarin usually receive updates later than others. Xamarin developers can’t use Android; iOS updates soon after release. They need to integrate new features into the platform, and that may take time. This may not be suited for all users.

However, these limitations of Xamarin are not exactly deal-breakers. You can evade these shortcomings of the platform by hiring reliable and top Xamarin development agencies. Skilled developers with knowledge of the platform are capable of evading these issues. 

Is outsourcing Xamarin development a feasible option?

If you want to use Xamarin for developing apps for your brand but lack the resources or funds to execute Xamarin development in-house, an alternative is there. You can opt for outsourcing Xamarin development. You may look for a xamarin app development company India in this regard. The advantages are:

  • Cost Saving- Just like outsourcing other types of software-related services, Xamarin development outsourcing can save you a significant amount of money. It proves to be less taxing on the wallet than developing Xamarin apps in-house. 
  • Greater Efficiency- By outsourcing Xamarin app development to a third-party agency, your company can focus on core processes and internal workflow better. 
  • Quality- Xamarin development outsourcing companies pay attention to product quality. You get apps that are developed using the latest software and tested extensively for bugs. 
  • Timesaving- When developing apps for more than one platform is a necessity and time is short, outsourcing Xamarin development makes complete sense.

Summing it up

Xamarin is a powerful Open-source and cross-platform environment for creating functional mobile apps. It enjoys the backing of Microsoft, and developing apps through the Xamarin platform takes less time and helps save costs too. It comes with extensive testing features as well. The platform’s numerous advantages overshadow the few limitations in finer analysis. To ensure you get the best quality apps developed using the platform, hire xamarin mobile app developers with a solid track record and impressive clientele.

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