Mobile Advertising is essential for start-ups

The last 2 years have seen significant developments in the mobile advertising industry. The industry is seeing an unprecedented rise in terms of its ad spend and with the capacity of smartphone users rising exponentially, it becomes all the clearer that the future of mobile advertising is digital.

Mobile Video is the next best thing:

Mobile video is definitely going to be one of the biggest things to hit the Indian market. India is a market where people have gone online first on their mobile phones so it is predominantly a mobile-embracing market. 80% of Indian internet users usually come online through their mobile devices.

Mobile Ads are important especially for a start-up:

Mobile advertising will be one of the strongest pillars of key growth whether one is talking about user acquisition or user engagement or even reengagement for that matter. Mobile advertising will play an integral role when it comes to placing ads and positioning ads for the digital ecosystem and if you are looking to monetize through advertisements, mobile advertising will play a crucial role.

Working on building a brand presence through mobile advertising:

If you are a start-up or even an organization that is entering the digital space, mobile would be the perfect platform for you to engage with your brand. You can use mobile advertising as a medium to create a credible brand presence for yourself and you can use your mobile as a platform to create a conversation around the products that you are selling.

Engaging advertisements drive greater sales:

Before you choose the medium to depict your advertisements, it is important to understand what the objective behind your campaign advertisement really is. There is always a possibility to link sales or any other sales-generating events which could translate into rich media-generating ads. When you are thinking about the ad format, it is also important to consider not just that but also the various mediums you would be displaying your advertisement through.

Mobile Ad Loading time is very important:

This is always going to be an issue, especially in a country like India where the internet speed and mobile data speed are important criteria to judge whether it is a valuable investment or not. When you are looking at advertising from a mobile standpoint, the primary objective is to figure out whether the screens you are engaging with your audience through, is optimized and then the idea of serving the users with a particular video format would be the next step in the progression. There are other parameters such as pre-cashing, buffering of the video ads for an enhanced user experience which defines how successful you will be in mobile marketing. While load time is probably one of the more important things to worry about, creating solutions through technology innovation is an equally important factor.

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