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Telehealth is a dynamic technology to describe the latest trend, which is, provides vital care for patients. It is an overarching concept for healthcare service with the use of information and telecommunication technology. Telehealth is a medium for a healthcare provider to support and promote long-distance clinical health care, public health, medication, follow-up care, and treatment plan. People can use telehealth services from home or anywhere through their mobile devices.  Telehealth is the advantage for those who live in a rural area where a doctor can consult with video chat and virtually share the information.  This technology can also improve timeliness, monitoring, and communication with the healthcare system.

                                        During the coronavirus pandemic, a visit to the doctor’s clinic is more difficult & risky but this crisis has become a great source for telehealth, which connects people to the physician through the internet. The surges in demand of the telehealth system create a unique type of medical care and people no need to go outside for checkup, telehealth is the safest option right now. They give options for any kind of healthcare and work well for those people who have concerns and questions about the health issue that they experience but don’t need physical consultation.

Know the different types of telehealth and, how they work.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) System

Remote Patient monitoring is the latest trend of technology for patient care in the healthcare industry. RPM can help to collect a patient’s medical information and another file from one location and securely transmit to a different location for assessment and recommendation. The Application of health monitoring system is out of the traditional setting and keeps tracking the patient’s health from home once they discharge from the hospital and need a home care facility. Additionally, this tool is very helpful for those patients who are suffering from chronic disease or post-surgical recovery.

The Remote Patient Monitoring system allows a healthcare provider to check the medical status of patients such as to monitor blood pressure, weight, heart rate, pulse, and collect the data then send it to the doctor who can monitor their patient and detect health issues early. This comfort and natural care increase the engagement level and the RPM program can help to keep people healthy and improve the quality of care. Moreover, remote patient monitoring service also serves to reduce the number of hospitalization, the length stays in hospital, and cost-efficient. Telehealth service makes RPM easy and it has no limit to diagnose any kind of disease or disorder.

Virtual Healthcare System

Virtual healthcare is the next generation of telehealth and it goes beyond traditional healthcare. Online virtual care app creates a path between patients and doctors via communication technology and avoids virtual visits to a doctor’s clinic. The video and audio connectivity help to do a virtual meeting in real-time from any location. The telehealth service is useful for the rural patient because a doctor can check virtually who wasn’t necessarily within convenient reach at their place.  Text messaging is also an excellent feature for non-urgent communication.           

                                         Virtual care task force mostly used for consultation, status report and virtual meetings to bring key team members without necessarily to travel others and ensure care with coordination. The virtual healthcare platform allows Specialists to monitor the situation from any location. It is useful for diagnoses the patient with hypertension, diabetes, or suffering from chronic disease.  When we think about revaluation in telehealth then teleradiology software is something like where it is cost-efficient, easily connect with the doctor and every hospital tries to setup virtual care for the patient.  Now we strongly need virtual healthcare during these coronavirus pandemics so people can maintain social distancing by the telehealth technology.  

Advantage of Mhealth Care System

mhealth is the next generation of the telehealth field and it provides another way to treat the patient by mobile technology. The use of mobile and wireless technology gives a health objective such as health information, healthy lifestyle, health services, and much more.  The mobile health device included with the tablet, Smartphone, and other devices provides the feature of text message, mobile application, web browsing, video call, etc to improve health outcomes, health research, and health services.  

                                Now 9 out of 10 people are using a Smartphone or tablet device that is why people can get easily connect with doctors within a minute.  The power of the mhealth apps 2019 will not allow the patient to go clinic at all. Mobile technology is focusing on consumer requirements and helping the patient to record all data about them. mHealth application also provides categories of sport, fitness, and wellbeing. The development of technology leads a mHealth system into the telehealth market because it has a continuously upgraded version and frequent in the innovation cycle of consumer products.


Mobile and digital technology is a new era, which is continuously changing. The innovations of technology deliver great health services and they have many ways to deliver health services through telehealth.  The consumerization of the internet and development of Smartphone telehealth companies provides many services such as e-medicine, e-care,  mHealth,  remote patient monitoring, Virtual care, and e-health, etc.  The telehealth platform not only gives access to patient services but increases communication between providers. It decreases clinical visits for the patient and provides timely access to care for treatment in a health problem.

                                     The coronavirus pandemic, many hospitals are encouraging the patient to use telehealth for consultation before coming to the clinic. Telehealth consultations allow the doctor to triage patients with no risk of spreading the covid19 and patients get instant treatment for their disease. Even you feel healthy and want daily routine check-up then you should consider the telehealth therapy. To see this pandemic telehealth is the safest platform and staying home is the best way to fight against covid19.

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