SoftGrid turns 10

Today is indeed a special day for us. It has been exactly a decade since we have created our mark in this industry. It has been particularly special because as we turn 10 today, we do it in extremely uncertain times. We do it in an era filled with uncertainty, with the burden of struggles that come with this uncertainty and yet finding our way amidst this wave of transformation.

Over the course of these 10 years, we have grown from a small organization with a large vision, to now, becoming an institution in itself, offering our services to clients around the globe. We have found different approaches to the challenges that we have faced and the one thing that holds us all together is the support that we, as a team, have given each other. We have created a brand that spells out the success that we have achieved together. On this anniversary, let us take a moment to appreciate all of us who have played an extremely vital role in the growth of SoftGrid.

Let us also take this as an opportunity to pause and reflect back on the decisions that we have taken that have got us here. For in the time to come, we might have to make decisions that are different from the ones that we are used to. We might be faced with challenges for which there is no precedent, we might encounter struggles that are new and might threaten to shake the foundation of our business and in those moments, we must remember that we will get through it, as long as our belief in our vision stands erect and our spirit of inspiration, alive. With this, we can promise ourselves a future that is bright and filled with newer and larger opportunities.

On this day, let us also take a moment to thank our clients- the backbone of our business, who have placed their trust in our organization and carved the way ahead for us. They have been instrumental in creating a space where we have the opportunity to share the gifts of our insight and skill. Let us remember those moments where we have worked relentlessly, day and night, sacrificing so many of our weekends, in order to be able to deliver what our clients want from us. It has not been an easy task by any stretch of the imagination, for any of us who have been involved at some point or the other. Each and every one of us deserves a special thank you for all the investment that you have made, without which this organization would not be where it is, today. The organization’s growth is reflected only through the effort that each and every one person has put into it, and the place we are in today deserves acknowledgment of each person’s contribution.

It is a great honor to be a part of a team that is competent, skilled, invested, and determined. These are qualities that every organisation strives to achieve as a whole and it is these qualities that we must recognize and appreciate within ourselves today. We must create our road-map for the next 10 years and know what our role in that road map is going to be. We must strive to fulfill that role to the best of our capacity and have the courage to know when it is time for us to move forward. We must fill this road-map with qualities such as trust and appreciation, apart from competence and skill. It is the balance between these qualities that can shape our organization into one that believes in the growth of our employees and our clients and have clarity as to how we must get there.

It is a great milestone for all of us here at SoftGrid. Let us take in the serenity of this moment and forget the rest for now. Let us take a moment to appreciate our clients, our colleagues, our bosses, our mentors, who we have learned from, and who we will continue to learn from. Let us thank our newer and younger employees who have brought in fresh enthusiasm and energy into the organization. Let us thank our clients who have given us the opportunity to come together as a team and to feel pride in each achievement. Today, as we celebrate the last 10 years of Softgrid, let us feel the happiness associated with each achievement, small or big, and know that all of us have played a role in it in some or the other way. To everyone associated with SoftGrid, a very big thank you.  

Posted by Shweta Urmaliya

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